2 Million Biker Ride In DC 9-11

Denied Sept. 11 Event Permit, ‘2 Million Biker Ride In DC’ Defiantly Gathers Steam

Ben Bullard  Organizers of Wednesday’s “2 Million Biker Ride In DC” took to the Internet over the weekend to report they’d been denied an event permit to ride on Washington, D.C. – even as a planned “Million Muslim March” was given the Muslim green light for a symbolic Sept. 11 demonstration.                                                 Then they took to the Internet to report they’d only been galvanized by that denial.                                                                    By Monday afternoon, bikers from across the country were posting photos of motorcycle caravans already en route to the Capital.

The Washington, D.C. rally was conceived as a retort to what many patriotic bikers viewed as an overt insult by the American Muslim Political Action Committee, which targeted the 12th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack for its “Million Muslim” event. The march is intended to urge President Barack Obuma to make good on his early campaign promises of a more “transparent” government – particularly where Islamists’ roles in the attacks are concerned.




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