CLASSY! Ivy League Professor Calls Dr. Ben Carson A COON

Guest post by Aleistar

No one in America is hated more by liberals than black conservatives. Progressives are the first people to accuse others of racism but they look the other way when one of their own says something like this.

Professor Anthea Butler of the University of Pennsylvania recently referred to Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson as a coon.

Campus Reform reports:

Ivy League prof. calls Ben Carson a ‘coon’

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property.

“If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Professor Butler tweeted in response to another tweet linking to a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson was quoted defended the right of NASCAR fans to fly Confederate flags during races.

“Swastikas are a symbol of hate for some people too … and yet they still exist in our museums and places like that,” Carson observed during the event in North Carolina with NASCAR legend Richard Petty. “If it’s a majority of people in that area who want it to fly, I certainly wouldn’t take it down,” he added, noting that NASCAR races are held on private property.

The word “coon” is an offensive term to slander Africans, deriving from the Portuguese word “barracoos,” which is a hut-like dwelling used to store slaves during auctions, according to Online Etymology.

In effect, then, Butler’s tweet insinuated that Carson is a metaphorical slave who belongs in a wooden shed.

By the way, Anthea Butler is a religious studies professor.

Ironic, huh?


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Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 9.05.54 PMFrustrated Texas lawmaker mimics Obama as illegals pour in

Jerome R. Corsi 7-31-14   Mimicking a controversial remark by candidate Barack Obama at a 2008 campaign rally, a Texas congressman surveying the current border crisis, which he blames on White House policies, quipped, “Americans should learn Spanish.”

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, in an interview at the border at McAllen, Texas, was referring to Obama’s admonition at a rally July 8, 2008, in Powder Springs, Georgia, which began in the context of his objection to requiring English to be the official language in the United States.

“Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish,” Obama said at the time.

Stockman is concerned Obama’s open-border policies, which have enticed a flood of unaccompanied illegal alien children to come to the border, are intended to push the United States toward a tipping point demographically.

In a “chain migration,” thousands more parents, siblings and other relatives from Central America will come to the U.S. to join the unaccompanied children now entering the country.

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ISIS cuts off fingertips of 12-yr old Christian boy, then crucifies him with his father

(THE CLARION PROJECT) — Reports have emerged about the brutal killing of 12 Christians, including a 12-year-old boy, by the Islamic State in Syria.

The boy was the son of a Syrian ministry team leader who had started nine churches in Syria. The executions took place in village outside of Aleppo.

A spokesperson for Christian Aid said, “In front of the team leader and relatives in the crowd, the Islamic extremists cut off the fingertips of the boy and severely beat him, telling his father they would stop the torture only if he, the father, returned to Islam. When the team leader refused, relatives said, the ISIS militants also tortured and beat him and the two other ministry workers. The three men and the boy then met their deaths in crucifixion.”

Eight other aid workers were separately executed for refusing to denounce their faith. In front of a crowd that was summoned to watch, two of the workers, women aged 29 and 33, were raped before all eight were beheaded.

Syria’s Christian’s population has decreased by two-thirds since 2011, when the conflict began. In Iraq, the Christian population, which numbered at close to 1.5 million in 2003 has shrunk to below 200,000 today.

“It is like going back 1,000 years seeing the barbarity that Christians are having to live under. I think we are dealing with a group which makes Nazism pale in comparison and I think they have lost all respect for human life,” said Patrick Sookhdeo, founder of Barnabas Fund, a charity which helps Syrian Christians. “Crucifying these people is sending a message and they are using forms of killing which they believe have been sanctioned by Sharia law.”

“For them what they are doing is perfectly normal and they don’t see a problem with it. It is that religious justification which is so appalling,” he added.


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Pro-Palestinian Israeli Arabs clash with police in Jaffa

October 6, 2015, 10:16 PM (IDT)

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian Israeli Arabs clashed with police in Jaffa, a suburb of Tel Aviv Tuesday night. Extra police were brought in when more protesters kept on coming in, brandishing Palestinian flags, blocking streets and throwing rocks that injured several police officers.


Australia jihad police shooting: Parramatta Mosque Chairman tries to kick a cameraman

Hm… so no regrets then over the brutal murder of a police employee? Parramatta Mosque Chairman Neil El-Kadomi tries to kick a cameraman outside Parramatta Mosque, the last place Farhad Jabar visited before killing a police employee. Continue reading WAIT, THERE’S MORE…

4 Reasons Congress Needs to Review the EPA’s Ozone Standard

A look at headlines about the EPA’s recently finalized ground level ozone standard quickly and clearly illustrates that Congress’s approach to setting air quality standards is broken:

EPA Sets Tighter Smog Limit, Drawing Flak from All Sides

Obama’s New Ozone Standard Has Greens Seeing Red

Eight Counties in Northeast Ohio Unable to Comply with Tighter Federal Ozone Limit

EPA’s New Ozone Rule Will be a deadly, regressive tax on Poor and Millennials

The EPA’s finalized its standard for ground level ozone at 70 parts per billion (the most recent, 2008 standard is 75 parts per billion). Ground level ozone is a primary component in smog created naturally and from everyday activities like driving, dry cleaning, painting, using pesticides, and running factories.

Here are at least 4 reasons why Congress needs to take the ozone issue back into its own hands.

1. Science alone is not the answer. Both sides claim science is on their side. Some complain that the EPA’s standard isn’t strong enough to protect human health. Others point out an increasingly substantiated concern that EPA’s science and scientific reviews are no longer truly independent, leading to policies that have doubtful health benefits in reality. Heritage’s American Conservation Ethic and a recent paper by George Washington University’s Susan Dudley explain the danger of the “scientization” of policy – in other words, “camouflage[ing] controversial policy decisions as science.”

Human welfare and the ozone rule are not simply a matter of what the science “tells” us – if the science on ozone were perfectly objective, there would be no dispute. Scientific knowledge, models, statistics are but a few tools – albeit important ones – that help inform the policy debate around a complex issue that cannot be understood in isolation. Congress and the states are the best places to take into consideration not only science, but also costs, risks, legal implications, consensus, federalism, judgement, other health issues at play, and so on. Science cannot tell us, for instance, how much risk or cost we are willing to accept.

2. Setting standards is inherently a policy issue requiring the consideration of costs and benefits. States have invested billions into developing and carrying out implementation plans to meet ever lower standards chasing marginal benefits. Cost and the question of how much is too much rightly belong with elected representatives of the American people, not an unelected panel of bureaucrats and scientists from the EPA.

But the Clean Air Act forbids the EPA from considering the costs of implementing the ozone standard when deciding whether a new standard is warranted. But as one former EPA science advisor has commented, “does any thinking person actually believe that they shouldn’t, or don’t [take cost into account in promulgating standards]?” Pretending that costs and policy judgments aren’t being made by the EPA is a disservice to Americans.

Why else would EPA choose a 70 ppb standard when allegedly there are health benefits to the 65 ppb standard EPA also considered? President Obama himself explicitly stated that cost was the reason he requested the EPA to withhold its proposed standard in 2011, stating the need for “reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover.” If the human wellbeing as it relates to the economy mattered then, shouldn’t it matter now?

3. A tighter ozone standard sets up perverse competition among states. Curiously, some of the loudest advocates for lower ozone standards are the worst offenders. George Washington University’s Susan Dudley has called them out on their disingenuous concern: “From the perspective of nonattainment areas, strict standards that throw areas in other states out of attainment “level the playing field.” Areas that are already out of attainment have little to lose from stricter standards, but they gain relative to competing states which will have nonattainment conditions imposed on them.”

Exceeding the ozone standard saddles a state with weighty economic requirements and timelines to meet the standard. For example, in order to meet the 1997 ozone standard, Texas created the Texas Emissions Reduction Program, costing Texans $1 billion in the form of a new car title fee to pay for retrofitted and replacement engines, trucks, and construction equipment. Rather than rewarding improvement, many areas could be in violation of the standard not because of more pollution but because of shrinking standards.

4. Good environmental policy is about choices. Speaking about the then-proposed ozone standard, President Obama said in September that “Number one, we’re under a court order to do this. So I think there may be a misperception that the EPA can do whatever it wants here.” But this is misleading. The Clean Air Act does in fact require the EPA to evaluate the ozone standard every 5 years, a timeline which itself is overly ambitious and to which the EPA has only rarely kept to. However, neither the law nor the courts enforcing it required EPA to change the standard.

At the same time Obama argued EPA had no choice but to regulate, he continued that EPA was considering stakeholder concerns regarding “legitimate economic costs,” a choice which the Clean Air Act expressly forbids it to consider. The ozone standard has only become more controversial as it becomes more expensive to meet with smaller margins of tangible benefits (as opposed to modeled hypothetical ones). EPA is now setting American economic policy as it sets environmental policy. At the very least, the EPA should be required to take economic impacts into consideration.

The ozone standard is a major policy decision that impacts millions of Americans and has steep economic costs. The EPA only looks at one small slice of the issue in isolation of many others. To relegate such a far-reaching decision to an unelected agency is dangerous. Congress must step in to look at the full picture.

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Conservative Corner 11-4-13

Please Remember That The Only Words That Are Mine Are Those In Brackets & Italics. Karen Peters
Ted Cruz explains:  Gang of Eight Bill penalizes companies for hiring citizens and not giving insurance- $5000 per employee under Obamacare.  NO penalty for hiring illegals…..
After Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts voted to uphold the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “ObamaCare,” many wondered if there could be a yet-unknown reason why the Republican-nominated justice made the unexpected decision.
On the Glenn Beck radio program Tuesday, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) explained why he believes Roberts was intimidated into changing his vote late in the process, as laid out in his new book Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare.  [I have believed this in my soul from day one, and after learning of the tricks of the NSA and their ability to know everything, I figured for sure they had the “goods” of Roberts and weren’t afraid to use them.]
Lee’s argument is not based on the NSA or its monitoring of the nation’s communication.  Rather, Lee said, there are indications that Roberts originally intended to vote against the act, but that a public “campaign of intimidation” made him change his mind.  [At the time, I wrote of the language change from penalty to tax, and that the law was written by the Senate  {mostly by Obama’s great friend Ezekiel Emanuel} instead of the House.  Our Constitution mandates that all tax bills originate in the House.]
Lee continued to say that he has “no evidence” that Roberts was being blackmailed, but said that doesn’t mean Roberts wasn’t under any kind of “direct pressure.”
But even if he wasn’t, Lee reminded [that] the Obama administration and Democratic lawmakers were open in their warnings to the court, “denigrating the authority of the house,” and saying the Supreme Court would become irrelevant if it failed to uphold ObamaCare.
Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients
You would think that when your party is burying a hole that is getting harder and harder to get out of, you wouldn’t want that hole to get deeper faster.  But here is Kathleen Murphy, Democrat running for the House of Delegates against Barbara Comstock, telling a forum in Great Falls that she believes it should law to force doctors to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Forced by government decree, mind you.  [I just can’t believe that this is all due to stupidity.  ANYONE could figure out that if this law passes, more doctors will take early retirement, causing long waits to see any doctor.  Yes, this is just a candidate, but one who is unafraid to state the truth and in so doing showing us the soul of the Progressive.]

“Justin Hadley logged on to to evaluate his insurance options after his health plan was canceled. What he discovered was an apparent security flaw that disclosed eligibility letters addressed to individuals from another state,” the Heritage Foundation reports.
“I was in complete shock,” said Hadley, who contacted Heritage after becoming alarmed at the breach of privacy.

Many House Republicans are replacing their push to delay or defund the 2010 federal health law with a new strategy: Hang back and see if problems with the rollout continue or get worse.
It is an abrupt reversal of the activist approach of just weeks ago, when Republicans demanded changes to the law in exchange for funding the government or raising the nation’s borrowing limit. Now, they say putting the spotlight on technical flaws of the law’s health-insurance exchange may be more effective than a direct attack.

A Republican State Senator of Tennessee gave Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a “gift” that made her scowl angrily, even though it may just help her out of her website woes.
The prize for single-handedly showing the abject incompetence of the Obama administration and demonstrating with historical clarity how big government screws up everything it touches?
A copy of “Web Sites for Dummies”!

Addressing the Anti-Defamation League’s 100th annual meeting on Thursday night, former US secretary of defense and CIA director Leon Panetta told the ballroom of around 600 people that while the US has “implemented unprecedented sanctions and pressure on Iran, we may very well have to use military force to back up our policy.”

With U.S. aid to Egypt being cut in the wake of the military crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, word on the street in Egypt, along with tweets and Facebook posts, seems to indicate anti-U.S. sentiments are at an all-time high.
Washington has lost friends on both sides of the Egyptian political battle, including both supporters and critics of ousted Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.
The anger against the U.S. is based on Egypt’s June 30 uprising that led to the July 3 ouster of Morsi. Supporters of Morsi said Obama turned his back on him while secular Egyptians say Obama sided with ‘terrorists’ instead of aligning with freedom fighters in eradicating extremism from their country.
“We see Obama as a man supporting terrorism here in Egypt by funding and helping Muslim Brotherhood terrorists,” Gina Adel said in an interview with Fox News from Cairo.

´I´m really good at killing people´: New book claims President Obama bragged to aides about using drone strikes
[This was reported at the time, but few people paid attention.  It’s good that the U.K. Daily Mail reports it at this time.]
• Claim comes from new book ‘Double Down: Game Change 2012’ about Obama’s re-election campaign
• Obama Administration has not commented on the report
• Remark was made while discussing drone strikes with aides
• President won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009
Read more:

The Obama administration declined to comment on Sunday to provocative state-run Chinese media reports outlining Beijing’s nuclear war plans, including land-based and submarine-launched missile strikes on U.S. cities that would kill up to 12 million people

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Mario Cuomo, RIP

The perennial never-ran.

Former New York governor Mario Cuomo passed away yesterday at the age of 82, just hours after his son Andrew gave an inaugural speech for a second term of the office his father held for three terms. Cuomo had recently been hospitalized for cardiac issues, and his death was attributed to heart failure. Andrew Cuomo […]

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PAPER: Your next boss — a computer algorithm?

Need Credit Card Relief?

PAPER: Your next boss -- a computer algorithm?

(Third column, 23rd story,


WATCH How Israelis Do Stunning Things To Cope With The Difficult Situation In Their Country

When you haven’t been in Israel yet, you’ll probably imagine the Jewish state as a war zone and a country full of troubles, especially now when Israel again makes the headlines because of a new wave of Palestinian terror.

But that’s only part of the reality in Israel.

The fact of the matter is that even during the current wave of Arab violence, Israelis continue to live their lives just like citizens of many other conflict-free countries. They are even happier than the average citizen of a Western country. The World Happiness Report of 2013 ranked Israel as the 11th happiest country in the world, before the United States (17th) and Great Britain (22nd).

Western Journalism reported last week how even in the Old City and downtown Jerusalem, thousands of Israelis were celebrating the Sukkot festival (Feast of Tabernacles) while Muslims continued their violent attacks elsewhere in the city.

On Monday, hundreds of Jews celebrated Simchat Torah in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. They danced with Torah scrolls while singing the ancient hymn “The eternal nation does not fear the long road,” at the spot where an Islamic Jihad terrorist murdered two Jews and wounded a woman and a two-year-old child on Saturday evening.

You can watch that here:

“In spite of everything, no one will stop the joy of the holiday. And in spite of the great pain we’re experiencing because of the murderous attack, we won’t be stopped,” one of the participants said.

Simchat Torah marks the conclusion of the reading of the weekly chapters of the Torah and celebrates the renewed reading of the Torah, when the first part of the book of Genesis (Bereshit) is read. The festival is characterized by so-called Hakafot (circuits) when the congregants dance and sing in the synagogue and (later) in the streets while carrying the Torah scrolls.

Elsewhere in Israel, secular Jews celebrated Sukkot and Simchat Torah with different events. At the foot of Mount Gilboa, the mountain where King Saul once fell on his own sword (and three of his sons were killed in a battle against the Philistines), an international hot air balloon festival was held. It was only the fifth time such a festival took place in Israel.

The most important attraction during the festival in Ma’ayan Harod was a stunning act by six Israeli skydivers who jumped out of a hot air balloon at a height of 6,500 feet while filming with GoPro cameras.

A guy with the name Israel can be seen jumping out of the balloon, after which he starts filming his two friends who step up the basket, grab each others’ hands, and follow suit.

You can watch these stunning images here:,7340,L-4707071,00.html

The special spirit of Israel surprised Times of London columnist Luke Johnson, who just returned to Great Britain and dedicated his latest column to – in his words – this “astonishing country, buzzing with energy and confidence.”

Here’s a part of Johnson’s article:

Israel is “a magnet for talent and investment — a cauldron of innovation. Meeting entrepreneurs and investors there, I was inspired and impressed.

Whether it is in aerospace, cleantech, irrigation systems, software, cybersecurity, pharma or defence systems, Israel is a world-class player. It is an example of how small nations can triumph despite the odds.

Its spending on research and development as a percentage of GDP is the second-highest in the world; it has more scientists and engineers per head than anywhere else; and a booming ecosystem of research institutes and venture capital helps to fuel technology transfer and outside investment — especially from America.

From Teva Pharmaceutical to Elbit Systems to Mobileye, its recent industrial achievements are remarkable. All this derives from brainpower, for Israel has no natural resources and is surrounded by hostile neighbours.

It is proof of the power of technical education, immigration and the benefits of the right sort of military service.

The book Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, says another key factor is the cluster effect of having so many hi-tech companies, suppliers, researchers and investors concentrated in a small area.

Israeli journalist Ben Caspit recently explained what’s probably behind the happiness and the special spirit of the Israeli people.

What is the secret of Israeli vitality? The formula has yet to be deciphered. In my opinion, the existential hardships and constant threats looming over Israeli society are responsible for the bursts of adrenalin that energize and spur Israelis on.

Everything in Israel is to the extreme, honing the senses, awakening existential instincts, galvanizing people and making life much more interesting and challenging than in the (relatively) calm, peaceful and affluent Western countries.

These societies have lost their basic instinct for survival. Fertility is far below the bar in determining growth or extinction. To survive, a society needs a replacement birthrate of about 2.18 children per family. In several European states, the rates are much lower.

The famous Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” is fully fulfilled in Israel, and it turns out that it’s a blessing. Life here is interesting, even fascinating, and that makes Israel a difficult place to live, dangerous, somewhat loony and apparently an optimistic and happy place as well.


German TV network accused of Islamophobia for producing mock-up image of “Muslim Merkel”

‘Muslim Merkel’ German TV image causes outrage German TV network accused of Islamophobia for producing mock-up image of “Muslim Merkel”, as Pegida shows resurgence with 9,000-strong rally. ARD television broadcast a mocked-up picture of Mrs Merkel wearing a chador By Justin Huggler, Berlin 3:57PM BST 06 Oct 2015 An image of Angela Merkel wearing a … Continue reading WAIT, THERE’S MORE…

YouTube Hosting Jihadi Playlists

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.30.08 AM

As radical terror groups such as the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) take to social media in greater numbers to disseminate propaganda and recruit youths to their fight, YouTube is facing criticism for hosting multiple playlists featuring radical jihadi tunes that promote terrorism.

An analysis of YouTube playlists performed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) discovered multiple YouTube playlists containing jihadi music that glorifies terrorism and groups such as IS, al Qaeda, and Hamas.

“Just like finding playlists on YouTube of certain genres of music or a certain artist, group or composer, any user can also listen to hours of jihadi music videos replete with images of fighting, glorification of terrorist leaders and organizations, and outright support of [Foreign Terrorist Organizations] such as ISIS or Hamas,” according to MEMRI.

“These playlists are homemade productions, likely put together by youthful enthusiasts, and relying on individuals posting videos who use names like ‘1 Khilafah Production,’ ‘Son of Bosnia,’ and ‘WegZumParadiesNr3,’” according to the report.

One playlist discovered by MEMRI included music that celebrates the radical exploits of IS and al Qaeda, as well as Syrian rebels and other global jihadist groups.

“Many of the videos are promoted with labels such as ‘the splendid Jihadis Nasheed (song)’ or ‘most beautiful encouraging jihadis video,’ according to MEMRI.

The music is meant to inspire jihadists already fighting in the Middle East and provide an entrée into radicalism for newer recruits following social media accounts associated with IS and other groups.

YouTube has been inconsistent in policing this type of content, according to MEMRI.

“This is a recurring issue on YouTube: certain ISIS videos are removed but others, supposedly less objectionable ones but still promoting an organization that beheads, slaughters, crucifies, and encourages others to do the same, remain in place,” according to the report. “Many of the remaining songs are indeed just Salafi songs promoting the Salafi Islamist religious worldview without an overt connection to existing terrorist groups.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.30.33 AM

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Palestinian Mother Names Baby after Terrorist Who Stabbed Two Jews to Death

Muhannad Halabi

Palestinian terrorist Mohannad Halabi stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem last week.
He also stabbed a mother and her two year-old baby before being shot to death.

Muhannad Halabi, 19, was a resident of Ramallah and law student at Jerusalem’s al-Quds University. (Times of Israel)

A Palestinian mother named her baby after terrorist Muhannad Halabi after he stabbed for Jews including a mother and a two year-old child.
Palestinian Media Watch reported:

A Palestinian baby was named after terrorist Muhannad Halabi just hours after he stabbed the two Israelis Nehemiah Lavi and Aaron Bennett to death in Jerusalem three days ago.

WAFA, the official Palestinian Authority news agency and the official PA daily both reported on the joyous naming. Both sources described the killer who murdered the two Israelis and also stabbed a mother and her baby as a “hero of our people,” who was “murdered by the occupation army.”

Muhannad Halabi killed 2 Israelis, Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett, and injured Bennett’s wife, Adele, and their 2-year-old son in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3, 2015. Following the attack, he was shot and killed by Israeli security forces. Palestinian Media Watch reported that prior to his attack, in a post to his private Facebook page, the terrorist referred to recent terror attacks as part of a “third Intifada,” and said that it was a response to Israel’s actions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that the Palestinian people would not “succumb to humiliation.

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Christians ‘serious about their faith’ should consider getting guns, Tennessee Lt. Gov. says


Like many Americans, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R) took to social media to post his reaction to the mass shooting last week at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. Ramsey’s Facebook post Friday focused on one aspect of the tragedy: that the gunman reportedly asked his victims whether they were Christian and then shot them if they answered yes.

Ramsey’s solution? “Fellow Christians who are serious about their faith” should “think about getting a handgun permit.” He included a link to a state government Web site instructing residents on how they can acquire such a permit.


FOIA: Obama & Clinton Knew About Benghazi Before It Happened

“These documents are jaw-dropping…Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top administration officials knew that the Benghazi attack was an al-Qaeda terrorist attack from the get-go – and yet lied and covered this fact up” WAIT, THERE’S MORE…

VIDEO: Preview…

Gear up for NFL Season with Sideline Gear from

VIDEO: Preview...

(Third column, 18th story,



1)  Egypt closes Muslim Brotherhood party’s Cairo HQ over weapons find More evidence of looming civil war. “Egypt closes Freedom and Justice Party HQ over weapons find,” from Middle East Online, July 8 (thanks to Axomiya): CAIRO – Egypt’s prosecution ordered the closure of the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party after police found weapons inside it…read more Continue reading

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JW“Execute her,” says brother of Sudanese convert from Islam to Christianity   “Execute her”? One would almost think that Islam had a death penalty for apostasy. And in fact, it does. Muhammad commanded: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57), and the alleged “numerous verses in the Koran” that “guarantee freedom of belief” have not prevented all the sects of Islam and all the  read more

Secret documents: Bergdahl converted to Islam, declared himself a “mujahid”   This is getting worse by the minute. Will Obama ever backtrack and apologize at any point, or will he keep on digging in and insisting that obtaining back this traitorous deserter was the right thing to do? Will the mainstream media continue to cover for him, or will it finally hold him accountable? Is the  read more

Taliban commanders say they found Bergdahl cursing his countrymen   This claim is consistent with the emails he sent to his father just days before he left his unit. Bergdahl wrote to his father in somewhat less than patriotic terms: “I am sorry for everything here. These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that  read more

Afghans say Taliban prisoners freed by Obama will rejoin jihad against U.S.   This is a surprise to no one — probably not even Barack Obama, since he himself has admitted that the jihadis he freed are “absolutely” a threat to the United States. That does call his motivations in making the Bergdahl deal into question, but not to worry: no one in the mainstream media will dare  read more

Obama passed up chances to rescue Bergdahl because he wanted prisoner trade to empty Gitmo   Placing his political agenda above the lives of those Americans who are going to be killed in Afghanistan by these freed Gitmo detainees. Placing his political agenda above the lives of those Americans who were killed searching for the traitor and deserter Bergdahl. Placing his political agenda yet again above national security. One might almost  read more

Afghanistan: Islamic jihadists kidnap Indian Jesuit priest   Could it be that the kidnappers of Fr. Alexis Prem Kumar were emboldened by the Bergdahl prisoner exchange, concluding that capturing an Infidel would be an easy way to get something they wanted out of the Infidel’s friends and associates? One thing is certain: because of the Bergdahl exchange, we are going to see many  read more

Boston Marathon jihad murderer’s friend wired $71,000 to people in six countries, using false names   “Matanov’s lawyer, Edward Hayden, said the money transfers ‘had nothing to do with terrorism. He was uncomfortable sending all the money in his own name.’” Why? What was the source of that discomfort? What’s more, “Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Garland said Matanov had repeatedly deceived authorities when questioned about his relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev in  read more

Obama: “I make no apologies” for Bergdahl prisoner exchange   If Bergdahl is tried for desertion and treason (extremely unlikely, I know) and executed, will Obama then apologize to the families of the military men who were killed trying to find him? If the five Taliban commanders he released from Gitmo to get Bergdahl are involved in the deaths of more Americans in Afghanistan, will  read more

86% of U.S. troops wounded in Afghanistan wounded during Obama Administration   This is a war without an enemy, without a purpose, and without a goal. It is a war to prop up a ruler who ever more frequently expresses his contempt for the United States, against a foe that our troops are constrained by impossible rules of engagement from fighting properly, and to whom Obama makes  read more

Taliban commander: Bergdahl exchange first time the “enemy” has “officially recognized our status”   This is no surprise. In fact, it was a long time coming. People are angry that Obama negotiated with terrorists, but he doesn’t seem to consider the Taliban to be terrorists. Remember that Karzai says that Obama told him: “The Taliban are not our enemies and we don’t want to fight them.” “Goats slaughtered across  read more

General Martin Dempsey: Army to investigate desertion claims against Bergdahl   This would be the just and proper thing to do, but it seems unlikely that it will happen: such an investigation would embarrass the Obama Administration even more than it has already been embarrassed by this incident, and the mainstream media will do all it can to make sure that such embarrassment is kept to  read more

International Muslim Brotherhood wing threatens EU not to recognize Egypt’s new presidentThe Muslim Brotherhood international wing has reportedly sent a threatening note to several European Union states—including Britain, France, and Germany—demanding that they not recognize Abdel Fateh al-Sisi’s landslide presidential victory in Egypt. An excerpt from the statement follows: There is no legitimacy for a regime [Sisi and post-Morsi government] that has been rejected by its people, read more

“If this guy [Bergdahl] had not gone off post, our son would not have been killed.”  Not only has Obama endangered Americans serving in Afghanistan by sending back five top jihad commanders; he has also slapped in the face every American who risked his life to put them in Guantanamo in the first place, and every American who gave his life to find the deserter and traitor Bergdahl. “Family of Soldier  read more

Back in Canada, Iraq jihad suicide bomber “seemed like a regular guy   Iqbal Nadvi, director of the Alfala Islamic Centre in Oakville, Ontario, “knew the Ashrafi family in Calgary and said Salman was a ‘very quiet person’ who might have had a personal crisis after his wife left.” Yes, that must be it. How many times have we seen it? A guy gets divorced, gets depressed, and  read more

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VIDEO=> ISIS Has 5 Year Plan to Conquer Rome and Behead Pope Francis

isis pizza

The Islamic State has a five-year plan to conquer Rome and defeat Christianity.

In ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi‘s first major statement he promised his followers that they would conquer Rome.

In a statement earlier this year ISIS threatened to conquer Rome again and toss gays off the Leaning Tower in Pisa.

In September ISIS promised to behead Pope Francis.

ISIS has a five-year plan to conquer Rome.
Islam expert Robert Spencer spoke with Christian Broadcasting this week.

CBN reported:

The Islamic State has a plan to conquer Rome. Yes, it might sound crazy, but ISIS believes the conquest of Rome is central to its mission.

They believe it is necessary to fulfill what Islam teaches was the prophecy of Muhammed and to prepare the return of the Muslim messiah: the Mahdi.

“ISIS thinks that Rome is one of its primary goals and is in its timetable,” Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, said.

“It has a timetable where in the 10 years, by the year 2025, it hopes to bring about Armageddon, the final struggle between good and evil or between the Muslims and the non-Muslims,” he explained. “And that one of the chief stepping stones to that Armageddon battle is the conquest of Rome, which they think they’re going to be able to do with the next five years, by 2020.”

Two Cities, One Mission

Muslim scholars say Muhammed prophesied that the two great Roman cities would be conquered: Constantinople and Rome. Constantinople is now Istanbul, a Muslim city.

Rome remains to be conquered.

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