Bill Clinton’s loving wife… 

thWe’ve posted this before, some under different titles, but every word has been proven to be correct and no push-back from either Clinton has ever been proven to be inaccurate. Dick Morris was in the Clinton White House and did write this. Pay attention, 2016 will be here quicker than you realize and the Clinton people have already amassed over a BILLION dollars to dominate the news and social media with lies and distortions.

By Dick Morris, former political adviser to President Bill Clinton. 

If you happen to see the Bill Clinton 5-minute TV ad for Hillary in which he introduces the commercial by saying he wants to share some things we may not know about Hillary’s background, beware. As I was there for most of their presidency and know them better than just about anyone, I offer a few corrections. 

Bill says: “In law school, Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.”

The facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal. 

Bill says: “Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children’s rights project for poor kids.” 

The facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him. 

Bill says: “Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.” 

The facts are: She flunked the DC bar exam; yes, flunked. It is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas – none – and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after he was elected Arkansas Governor. 

Bill says: “President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors and she became its chairman.” 

The facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman. 

Bill says: “She served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.” 

The facts are: Yes, she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill, was to sit on the Walmart board of directors for a substantial fee. She was silent about their labor and health care practices. 

Bill says: “Hillary didn’t succeed at getting health care for all Americans in 1994, but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health insurance.” 

The facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott. I know; I helped negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal and half from the Attorney Generals’ tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to do with either source of funds. 

Bill says: “Hillary was the face of America all over the world.” 

The facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there was no substantive diplomacy on any of them. 

Bill says: “Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for children’s and women’s issues.” 

The facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico . A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer’s or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire NY delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize the Woodstock fiasco of 40 years ago. 

Here is what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton: 

She has done everything possible to weaken the President and our country (that’s you and me!) when it comes to the war on terror. 

1.   She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they would have access to our legal system. 

2.   She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from the USA . 

3.   She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield. 

4.   She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA . 

5.   She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the military & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even though such tactics might save American lives. 

One cannot think of a single bill Hillary has introduced or a single comment she has made that would tend to strengthen our country in the War on Terror. But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our country and make it a more dangerous situation for all of us. Bottom line: She goes hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is abandoned. 

Share this with every democrat you know. Ask them to prove Dick Morris wrong. Think about it — Dick Morris has said all of this openly, thus if he were not truthful he’d be liable for defamation of character! And you better believe Hillary would sue him. 

Is America ready for a woman president? 

I believe we are, just NOT THIS one.

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unnamed10-23-14   Another day, another YDM named Mohammad… it never gets old. Malay Islamic scholar/preacher Mohammad Kazim bin Elias generated controversy recently after his condemnation of a (wait for it) dog-petting event. Islam views dogs as being nejis (ritually unclean), and Muhammad himself, pigs be upon him, called for the slaughter of canines. Apparently being cute and cuddly is haram.

The organizer of the event has been more or less forced into hiding due to death threats from Kazim’s rabid fans, including threats to stone him to death – all for organizing a harmless event where people can pet and possibly even adopt furry companions. Many of the foamers claimed the event’s organizer was trying to “destroy Islam” and the like. Kazim himself claimed it was a way to “inject pluralism and liberalism” into the Muslim ummah (spiritual community.) Because those are such bad things that the Muslim community totally isn’t in need of…

Kazim claimed the dog-petting event was a “subtle elbow movement” toward “legalizing something haram,” and also believes such events will “ultimately transform and negate the purpose of the law.” Kazim also mentioned that allowing this event could lead to a similar campaign involving petting and perhaps eating pigs. The self-imposed deprivation of bacon is quite possibly what has made over a billion Muslims worldwide go mad.

I left the foamers on Kazim’s post condemning the event, which has over 13,000 shares, a very nice comment. Now, I’m going to go look at pictures of Swedish Vallhunds because they are basically wolf corgis.

Your Daily Muslim 

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TODAY’S “DRY BONES” 10-23-14 Turkey, Nato, and the Kurds


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AFDI ad campaign tells truths about Islam and jihad that government and media ignore   Our organization, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has unveiled a new advertising campaign that boldly tells truths that the U.S. government and the mainstream media seem determined to obfuscate. Our crowdfunder at Indiegogo is in its final days — and we need your help. These funds enable us to read more

Ottawa gunman is convert to Islam   Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands his new religion and gets the crazy idea that it has something to do with violence against unbelievers. If only Barack Obama or John Kerry had been around to set him straight. “Canadian Michael Zehaf-Bibeau thought to be the gunman in Ottawa shooting,” Sydney Morning Herald, October 23, 2014:  read more   

In wake of Ottawa shootings, Police Chiefs send letters to Muslim leaders inviting Muslims to contact them if they fear “backlash”   The politically correct Ottawa Police Chief seems to have imbibed the lesson well: after every jihad attack, Muslims are the victims, and need special reassurances. Of course, there should be no “backlash” against any innocent people and almost certainly won’t be, but this endless pandering is grotesque. Who is reassuring non-Muslims about keeping them safe  read more   

Photo: Alleged Ottawa shooter, released on Islamic State media account   JUST IN: U.S. officials tell CBS News the name of the dead Ottawa shooting suspect is Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982. — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) October 22, 2014 This is allegedly Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. Photo released on ISIS media account. — Stephen Taylor (@stephen_taylor) October 22, 2014  read more

Canadian PM Harper cancels Malala citizenship ceremony   Malala Yousafzai was set to receive honorary Canadian citizenship today. Islamic jihadists have tried to kill Malala once and have vowed to try again. Could the Canadian shootings be related to this? The possibility at this point cannot be ruled out. “Harper cancels Malala citizenship ceremony,” The Canadian Press, October 22, 2014: TORONTO – Prime  read more

CBC’s Derek Stoffel: “#ISIS hasn’t shown interest in attacks abroad”   This is the quality of mainstream media reporting. Here is a dose of reality for Derek Stoffel: “ISIS urges jihadists to attack Canadians: ‘You will not feel secure in your bedrooms,’” by Stewart Bell, National Post, September 21, 2014: The spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham called for attacks on Canadians on  read more

Ottawa: Third shooting at shopping mall   This may or may not be jihad, but it is certainly a planned, coordinated series of attacks. “Third shooting in shopping mall confirmed,” by Steve Robson, Mirror, October 22, 2014 (thanks to Marc): Police have now confirmed there has been a third shooting at the Rideau Centre shopping mall near to the Parliament building. Armed  read more

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th122 Barack Obama has recently and proudly announced that even though his name is not on any ballot, it is HIS agenda which is being represented by the Democrats running for office.  It was good of him to keep us informed.

If it is the one thing you do for our country on Election Day, get yourself to the polls to cast your important vote!  It does matter that each and every Republican, conservative, RINO and independent casts a vote for Republicans running for office. I realize that some of the candidates may not be your totally ideal candidate, but they surely beat the Democrat alternative.  It is our only chance to keep Obama and the Democrats from fulfilling Obama’s pledge to complete the “total transformation” of America.

We have learned over the last 6 years just what that transformation includes:

1) Failure to support the rights of Christians and Jews across the world, while protecting and promoting the rights of Muslims.

2) Trading five Islamic terrorists, most of whom are now back in action fighting against us for ISIS, for one U.S. soldier who had reportedly abandoned his unit to consort with those Islamic Terrorists.  Of course, the report on the validity of those claims against Bergdahl will be announced to us – after the election.

3) Failing to arrange in some way the release of our PTSD afflicted Marine Reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been imprisoned for over 150 days in a Mexican prison.

4) Sending our military and possibly our National Guard into Africa with very little training and no Hazmat Suits to help stop the spread of Ebola – while continuing to allow daily flights into America from those Ebola-infested countries. * * * SEE UPDATE BELOW FOLLOWING VIDEO

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UnknownClean The Closet

Read: Psalm 139:13-24

Search me, O God, and know my heart. —Psalm 139:23

Bible in a YearJeremiah 1-2; 1 Timothy 3

Joe Stowell   To this day I can still hear my mother telling me to go and clean up my room. Dutifully, I would go to my room to start the process, only to get distracted by reading the comic book that I was supposed to put neatly in the stack. But soon the distraction was interrupted by my mother warning that she would be up in 5 minutes to inspect the room. Unable to effectively clean the room in that time, I would proceed to hide everything I didn’t know what to do with in the closet, make the bed, and then wait for her to come in—hoping that she wouldn’t look in the closet.

This reminds me of what many of us do with our lives. We clean up the outside of our lives hoping that no one will look into the “closet” where we have hidden our sins by rationalization and excuses and by blaming others for our own faults.

The problem is that while looking good on the outside, we remain well aware of the mess on the inside. The psalmist encourages us to submit to the cleansing inspection of God: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting” (Ps. 139:23-24). Let’s invite Him to inspect and cleanse every corner of our lives.

Lord, forgive me for looking good on the

outside while attempting to hide my faults and

failings. I desire for You to cleanse my life so

that I may walk with You in full integrity.

We can own up to our wrongs— because we can’t hide them from God anyway.

Insight: In Psalm 139, David invites us to meditate on the attributes of God. He is omniscient, or all-knowing (vv.1-4); omnipresent, or ever-present (vv.5-12); and omnipotent, or all-powerful (vv.13-18). In today’s text, David writes of the human body as a masterpiece created by the all-powerful Creator. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (vv.13-15). Mindful of the wickedness around him (vv.19-22), David closes his psalm with a prayer of loyalty and commitment (vv.23-24).


You can make a difference. Even the smallest donation helps reach people around the world with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. Donate

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Race Card: Democrats Go Ugly to Boost Black Turnout

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 8.44.23 PMGuy Benson 10-22-14   Democrats are losing — and they know it — so things are getting awfully ugly out there. A New York Times story over the weekend previewed the onslaught of overt political race-baiting that has begun to sweep across the country.  Entitled, “Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats to Hold Senate,” the piece describes the party’s desperate measures:

The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted “crushing Democratic losses across the country” if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls. “African-American surge voters came out in force in 2008 and 2012, but they are not well positioned to do so again in 2014,” Cornell Belcher, the pollster, wrote in the memo, dated Oct. 1. “In fact, overScreen shot 2014-10-22 at 8.47.02 PM half aren’t even sure when the midterm elections are taking place.” Mr. Belcher’s assessment points to an urgent imperative for Democrats: To keep Republicans from taking control of the Senate, as many are predicting, they need black voters in at least four key states. Yet the one politician guaranteed to generate enthusiasm among African Americans is the same man many Democratic candidates want to avoid: Mr. Obama.

Bring Obama to town on your behalf, and you might attract more black voters to the polls; but you’ll also associate yourself with a deeply unpopular president, and alienate voters who aren’t aligned with Obama’s most unflinchingly loyal voting bloc.  Quite a dilemma.  Solution?  Resort to grotesque racial attacks to scare black voters.  In Texas, Wendy Davis is pretending that Greg Abbott might oppose interracial marriage, which would be disgusting enough even he weren’t…in an interracial marriage himself.  In North Carolina, a pro-Hagan group plastered churchgoers’ cars with fliers warning that a Republican Senate would mean the impeachment of Barack Obama, using imagery of a lynching as a backdrop.  Beneath contempt.  And now the Democratic Party of Georgia (not an outside group, mind you, the official party) is seeking to spur turnout among African-Americans with fliers invoking the racially-charged shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.  In addition to the fear-mongering content, it makes naked appeals to ‘race loyalty‘ in the voting booth:demflyer3

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“On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823


Originally posted 2014-04-03 10:33:15.

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Famous Presidential Lies 

1 Evans_v10_2 uncle sam's newsLBJ: We were attacked (in the Gulf of Tonkin)

Nixon: I am not a crook

GHW Bush: Read my lips – No New Taxes

Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinski

GW Bush: Iraq has weapons of mass destruction


  • I will have the most transparent administration in history.

  • The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.

  • I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

  • The IRS is not targeting anyone.

  • It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.

  • If I had a son.

  • I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.

  • You didn’t build that!

  • I will restore trust in Government.

  • The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.

  • The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk

  • It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

  • Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

  • We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.

  • I am not spying on American citizens.

  • Obama Care will be good for America.

  • You can keep your family doctor.

  • Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

  • If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

  • It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

  • I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.

  • I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

  • I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi.

  • I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.

  • And, I have never lived with that uncle.  He finally admitted (12-05-2013) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

And the biggest one of all:

  • “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

I believe we have a winner!

Originally posted 2014-07-24 17:04:37.

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Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 8.07.41 PM

10-22-14   In Canada, it would seem no soldier is safe. In the past three days, two converts to Islam have carried out jihad terror attacks against Canadian military personnel. Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, formerly known as Michael Joseph Hall, executed a soldier posted outside the National War Memorial by shooting him point-blank. The Muslim raised his arms in a display of victory and pride before rushing across the street, where he opened fire in Canada’s parliament building.

Luckily, the parliament’s sergeant-at-arms was nearby, and swiftly ended Zehaf-Bibeau’s jihad in a flurry of lead. The media, with the exception of right-leaning FOX News, has been somewhat hesitant to identify this shooting as the jihad attack it was.

A Twitter account linked to the Islamic State terror group posted an image of Zehaf-Bibeau, saying in a French caption, “a picture that will be of the Ottawa shooter.” The account has since been suspended. The fact that the Islamic State terror group would have an image of Zehaf-Bibeau and knew of his plans is fairly damning evidence that this mujahid had not only acted for his religion, he had done so after conspiring with other mujahideen. It is unknown if there are any more planned jihad attacks against Canadian military personnel. In the meantime, all Canadians should be very wary of Muslims in the wake of these attacks.

Your Daily Muslim

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Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 8.07.41 PM10-22-14   In Canada, it would seem no soldier is safe. In the past three days, two converts to Islam have carried out jihad terror attacks against Canadian military personnel. Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, formerly known as Michael Joseph Hall, executed a soldier posted outside the National War Memorial by shooting him point-blank. The Muslim raised his arms in a display of victory and pride before rushing across the street, where he opened fire in Canada’s parliament building.

Luckily, the parliament’s sergeant-at-arms was nearby, and swiftly ended Zehaf-Bibeau’s jihad in a flurry of lead. The media, with the exception of right-leaning FOX News, has been somewhat hesitant to identify this shooting as the jihad attack it was.

A Twitter account linked to the Islamic State terror group posted an image of Zehaf-Bibeau, saying in a French caption, “a picture that will be of the Ottawa shooter.” The account has since been suspended. The fact that the Islamic State terror group would have an image of Zehaf-Bibeau and knew of his plans is fairly damning evidence that this mujahid had not only acted for his religion, he had done so after conspiring with other mujahideen. It is unknown if there are any more planned jihad attacks against Canadian military personnel. In the meantime, all Canadians should be very wary of Muslims in the wake of these attacks.

Your Daily Muslim

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Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 7.52.24 PMCaroline May 10-22-14   With the North Carolina U.S. Senate race in a dead heta, state election officials say they have discovered 145 names on the voting rolls who are ineligible to vote because they are illegal immigrants who have been granted President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.

According to a Winston-Salem Journal report, the State Board of Elections discovered the potential illegal voters Tuesday night when the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles ran a search for DACA licenses. The 145 DACA recipients whose names appear on the SBOE’s voting rolls will be sent letters requesting documentation that they are citizens, the report noted.

DACA beneficiaries in North Carolina are able to obtain drivers licenses, but they are not able to vote.

The Journal notes that it is likely more ineligible people may still remain on the voting rolls.

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Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 7.38.18 PM10-22-14   You know Islam is the religion of peace when those who convert to it start killing innocent people. That’s exactly what 25-year-old French-Canadian Martin “Ahmad” Couture-Rouleau did. Couture-Rouleau spent his days growing his beard to appease the invisible sky-demon Allah, watching jihadist videos from the Islamic State terror group, and pretending the world would someday regress back to its 7th-century state. Of course, in order to achieve his goal of establishing the khilafah (Islamic nation), the kuffar (infidels) had to be eradicated.

Couture-Rouleau ran over two soldiers in his vehicle, one of whom died from his injuries. He phoned 911 and claimed he had carried out the terror attack for “Allah.” If that’s what pleases Allah, then Allah and all religions associated therewith have no place in a civilized society. The madness didn’t stop there. Police were nearby and drew their weapons. The knife-wielding Couture-Rouleau got out of his car and charged at the officers, who promptly sent him to his demise. Unfortunately for him, his 72 female virgins are too busy blogging about “social justice” issues on Tumblr while stuffing their faces and whining about “thin privilege.”

Couture-Rouleau’s Facebook is a typical, tragic mess of jihadist propaganda and anti-Semitism. He posted the following, all of which show evidence of an unstable, gullible mind:

“Allah has promised the hypocrite men and hypocrite women and the disbelievers the fire of Hell, wherein they will abide eternally. It is sufficient for them. And Allah has cursed them, and for them is an enduring punishment.” Yep, totally tolerant. Totally compatible with western ideals of harmonious coexistence.Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 7.39.18 PM

Uhh, why is he condemning suicide? He totally committed suicide by cop; he had even told his friends he wanted to go to jannat al-firdaus (Islamic heaven) and be a shahid (martyr.)

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Jerry McConnell 10-22-14   It’s early afternoon of Wednesday, October 22, 2014, in the neighborhoods of eastern Canada and the United States, mere hours from the late morning devastation of wanton murder, for what appears to have been just killing for the sake of killing in Ottawa, Canada where a Canadian soldier and one of the guilty gunmen were the victims.

Not many known details have been made public as yet,  so all first hand reports are in great scarcity.  But it has been made known by FoxNews, that the incident took place “as multiple gunmen stormed the Canadian Parliament complex in Ottawa. spraying as many as 30 shots inside the government building in a brazen assault that left the nation’s capital on lockdown just two days after a terror attack in Quebec, officials said.”

Fox further reported “The gunmen next ran into the Parliament Hill building, where one MP reported hearing as many as 30 shots fired and a sergeant at arms was later credited with shooting one of the gunmen dead. In the following moments and hours, Royal Canadian Mounted Police converged on the scene, more shots were fired less than a mile away near a mall,  and officials told Ottawa residents to barricade themselves in their homes as they searched for one or more possible gunmen.”

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10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know

10-Things-About-The-US-News-Media-300x300Michael Snyder 10-22-14   Do you trust the news media?  Do you believe that the information that they are giving you is true and accurate?  If you answered yes to either of those questions, that places you in a steadily shrinking minority.  Yes, on average Americans watch approximately 153 hours of television a month, but for their news they are increasingly turning to alternative sources of information such as this website.  Big news channels such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are losing hordes of viewers, and they are desperately searching for answers.  Things have gotten so bad at CNN that they have been forced to lay off hundreds of workers.  The mainstream media is slowly dying, but they will never admit it.  They are still convinced that they can find some way to turn this around and regain the trust of the American people.  But it simply is not going to happen.  The following are 10 things about the U.S. news media that they do not want you to know…

#1 The level of trust in the U.S. news media is at an all-time low.  According to a Gallup survey that was conducted last month, only 40 percent of all Americans have a “great deal/fair amount” of confidence in the mass media.  That ties the lowest level that Gallup has ever recorded.

#2 The news media is far more liberal than the American people.  We hear much about the supposed “conservative bias” of Fox News, but the truth is that overall the U.S. public considers the news media to be extremely liberal.  Gallup found that 44 percent of all Americans consider the news media to be “too liberal”, and only 19 percent of all Americans consider the news media to be “too conservative”.

And it is a fact that “journalists” are far more likely to give money to Democrats than to Republicans.  The following comes from an MSNBC report identified 143 journalists who made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election Commission. Most of the newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 16 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.

#3 Fox News is not nearly as “conservative” as you think that it is.  Fox News may be constantly promoting a “Republican agenda”, but that does not mean that it is conservative.  This is especially true when it comes to social issues.  Some of their anchors are extremely socially liberal, one of the top executives at Fox News is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, and 21st Century Fox/News Corp. has given the Clintons more than 3 million dollars since 1992.

#4 MSNBC is in a death spiral.  After years of lying to the American people, the credibility of MSNBC is absolutely shot.  Pretty much all MSNBC does is endlessly spew establishment propaganda.  One study found that MSNBC only engages in 15 percent “factual reporting” and the other 85 percent is “commentary/opinion”.

So it should be no surprise that only 6 percent of Americans consider MSNBC to be their most trusted source for news…

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Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy Quarantined & Put On Ebola Watch

joe-arpaio-ebola-quarantineDave Hodges 10-22-14   An unidentified Sheriff’s Deputy employee for the Maricopa (AZ) Sheriff’s Department returned home on October 20th, from Sierra Leone to Belgium and he traveled to Washington Dulles International Airport where again his temperature was taken before being questioned and cleared by CDC authorities to return to Phoenix. In a moment of sheer medical brilliance, the CDC officials gave him a thermometer and told him to self-monitor for the next three weeks.

The Sheriff’s Deputy works at Arpaio’s infamous jail as a detention officer where 700 inmates and 100 county employees coexist in tightly confined quarters. Several of the employees at the detention center said they would not come to work if the unidentified Deputy was allowed to come to work after arriving home from Sierra Leone.

The deputy officer, in question, travels to Sierra Leone annually and has worked for the sheriff’s office since 2006. America’s most famous Sheriff, Joe Arpaio has countermanded the CDC’s reckless inaction and dereliction of duty towards the health and welfare of the American public, and has subsequently taken decisive action. Arpaio as he has told the employee in no uncertain terms to stay home and ordered the employee to stay away from work for 21 days. Sheriff Joe stated that the employee has cooperated and willingly agreed to remain home for the 21-day incubation period as he will be on administrative leave. The deputy will be allowed to return to work after November 12th,  if he shows no signs of the virus.

An Ominous Warning: When Will It Be time to Stop Going Out In Public?

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Anti-gun state senator was armed with 9mm, when arrested in Ferguson, refused breathalyzer

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 6.03.18 PMBizPac 10-22-14   Anti-gun State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed was arrested in Ferguson Monday night – with a gun.

St. Louis County police said she was kneeling in the middle of the road chanting outside the Ferguson Police Department.

“Sen. Nasheed, along with another male, entered the street, were told numerous times by not only by the St. Louis County commander, but other officers on scene, that they needed to leave the street or they were subject to arrest,” St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman said. “They failed to comply, and they were taken into custody.”

Nasheed was asked to take a breathalyzer test, and she refused, St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez told  CBS ST. Louis.

She dodged questions from reporters after being released from custody. Watch News 4 video coverage here:

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Official says camera caught Hispanic liberal ‘stuffing ballot box’: ‘Go f*** yourself, gringo’

Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 5.52.34 PMJoe Saunders 10-22-14   A key Republican in Arizona’s largest county says he’s got video evidence of the kind of abuses that show state’s desperate need for voting reform.

A. J. LaFaro, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, obtained surveillance video shot at a Phoenix elections office during the state’s Aug. 25 primary that he says shows a liberal group activist “stuffing the ballot box” full of absentee votes.

“What is captured on the tape demonstrates the end result of what we believe to be vote fraud,” LaFaro told the Daily Caller.

The incident occurred during an extended lunch break, when the downtown elections processing office was almost empty, said LaFaro, who remained at his post as an election monitor. The man – wearing the T-shirt of a liberal activist group called Citizens for a Better Arizona — entered with a large box of ballots.

The 8-minute surveillance video has no audio, but LaFaro said the man did not appreciate LaFaro keeping an eye on things.

“Stop watching me,” the man said, according to LaFaro. “You’re annoying me.”

LaFaro said when he pointed out that one of the ballots the man was trying to cast wasn’t sealed, the man demanded to know who he was.

LaFaro said he identified himself and his position with the Maricopa County GOP and asked the man to identify himself.

“Go f*** yourself!” the man said, according to LaFaro. “I don’t have to tell you who I am.”

The activist’s attitude was “militant” and “threatening” LaFaro told the Daily Caller – at one point telling LaFaro “go f*** yourself, gringo” – but what the confrontation really showed was how riddled with potential fraud Arizona’s election laws are.

LaFaro said one way large numbers of ballots like those

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Screen-Shot-2014-10-21-at-6.01.00-PM-297x300Republican candidate tries to vote for himself, machine switches his vote to a Democrat. DURING THE 2012 ELECTION, THIS WAS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. STRANGE THAT THE CHANGED VOTES WERE ALWAYS FROM REPUBLICAN TO DEMOCRAT.

Carmine Sabia 10-22-14   Republican Illinois state House candidate Jim Moynihan was taken aback Monday when he intended to cast a vote for himself and the touch-screen voting machine instead cast a vote for a Democrat.

“While early voting at the Schaumburg Public Library today, I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” Moynihan told the Illinois Review. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

Accordingly his faith in the balloting system of Cook County has been shaken, the Illinois Review reported.

While using the machine, Moynihan voted in various races on the ballot and noticed that whenever he voted for a Republican the machine registered a vote for the Democrat opponent. He alerted the election judge and demonstrated the error. Eventually, Moynihan was allowed to vote for himself and other Republicans.

“Clearly, I am concerned that citizens will be unable to vote for the candidate of their choice, especially if they are in a hurry and do not double check their ballot,” Moynihan said. “I cannot say whether or not this was intentional, but Cook County voters deserve better and should not have their right to vote suppressed.”

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TOP 5 “RIGHT HOOKS” 10-22-14

PatriotsPostLogoObama Ties His Boat Anchor to Democrats       CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett highlights a serious problem for Democrats: “President Obama is not on the ballot this December, but to the dismay of some Democrats he’s talking like he is.” Of incumbent Democrats in tight races, Obama said, “These are all folks who vote with me — they have supported my agenda in Congress.” That was days after he declared, “Make no mistake: ‘[My] policies are on the ballot.” Then again, CBS’s Scott Pelley noted that Obama has been conspicuously “absent from the campaign trail” because Democrats “want him for the fundraisers but not on the stump.” Obama is toxic for Democrats right now, but, as The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes observed, “He’s such a narcissist that even when it would be advantageous for him to not have it be all about him, he has to make it all about him because that’s the way that he is.” Indeed, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told Democrats that if they don’t like Obama’s comments there’s more where that came from: “The success of many of these Democratic candidates will depend on their own success in motivating voters that strongly supported the president in 2012.” Here’s a boat anchor necklace — hope you like it.

The Kinda, Sorta Ebola Travel Ban      Barack Obama explained recently that while he didn’t have a “philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban” to slow the spread of Ebola, he thought such a measure would be counterproductive. In other words, it wasn’t yet politically expedient — especially given his immigration policies. Well, now it is — sort of. National Journal reports, “Travelers flying between West African nations affected by Ebola and the United States will now be subject to additional screenings and ‘protective measures’ to help prevent the disease from spreading into the U.S., the Homeland Security Department announced Tuesday. All passengers flying from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea into the U.S. will be required to enter the country through five major airports: Dulles International Airport in Virginia; John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York; Newark Liberty International Airport; Chicago O’Hare International Airport; and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.” It’s really not so much a travel ban as enhanced screening, which in previous iterations has been known to the Left as racial profiling. More…

Ebola’s Caused by What?      Did you know human activity is linked to the worst Ebola outbreak in history? At least, that’s one theory the federal government is promoting. “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service posted on its website an article that claims Ebola is a ‘direct consequence’ of manmade climate change,” reports. Specifically, the article pegs “deforestation and human disturbance” as Ebola’s main drivers: “Outbreaks are linked to long dry seasons … during which there is scarcity of food in the forest and all the animals, including fruit bats, feed on the same remaining fruit trees, usually fig trees. Human development, including logging and mining, road construction and agriculture, is increasingly cutting back on forest habitat and bringing animals and humans in closer contact, which can facilitate disease transfer.” Why stop there? Might as well add malaria and HIV/AIDS to the growing list of global warming causes. In truth, Africa would benefit by embracing capitalism and modern day technologies that help control and prevent pandemics. More…

$25 Billion in Tax Dollars Funded Waste     Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) wants you to know how the government spent — no, wasted — $25 billion. The senator, who will leave office after this term because of a self-imposed term limit, released his final Wastebook detailing the top 100 ways the government burned through taxpayer money. “With no one watching over the vast bureaucracy,” Coburn said, “the problem is not just what Washington isn’t doing, but what it is doing. Only someone with too much of someone else’s money and not enough accountability for how it was being spent could come up some of these projects.” The most egregious source of waste? The government placed badly behaving bureaucrats on administrative leave, essentially a paid vacation, which accumulated a bill of $19 million. Moreover, while most of us were earning our dollars, the feds were watching grass grow ($10,000), destroying $16 billion worth of unused ammo for $1 billion (we would have done it for free) and giving rabbits Swedish massages ($387,000). More…

ObamaCare? What’s That?      The Kaiser Family Foundation polled uninsured Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 and found that the majority of them are (still) taking little notice of ObamaCare. Eighty-nine percent said they did “not know that open enrollment begins in November”; 66% “know ‘only a little’ or ‘nothing at all’ about the health insurance marketplace”; and 53% “do not know that the health reform law provides financial help to low- and moderate-income Americans.” Nancy Pelosi said that Congress needed to pass the law so that low-info voters could find out what’s in it. Well, they did, and now that the vast majority of Americans discovered the “Affordable” Care Act really wasn’t “free” — the only thing they cared about — and is, in fact, unaffordable, they really aren’t putting much effort into getting enrolled nor staying informed. More…

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