“Humanistic Cesspools”

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 6.21.33 PMThe ulti­mate trou­ble with Skin­ner­ian “sci­en­tific, research-based” stan­dards, outcome-based meth­ods, and “com­mon core” results

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt 10-31-14   If we as par­ents and cit­i­zens believe that the same “sci­en­tific, research-based” standards[2] applied to research in edu­ca­tion and psy­chol­ogy are those applied to med­i­cine, geol­ogy, or engi­neer­ing, we are sadly mis­taken. If we believe that objec­tive cri­te­ria are employed when eval­u­at­ing edu­ca­tional cur­ricu­lum or behav­ioral analy­sis, we are like­wise mis­taken. There­fore, when pre­sented with pro­pos­als in aca­d­e­mic cur­ric­ula that pur­port to be founded in “sci­en­tific, research-based” eval­u­a­tion, we should take them with a grain of salt!

The bot­tom line for under­stand­ing this con­flict between sci­ence and psy­chol­ogy is that the appli­ca­tion of sta­tis­ti­cal meth­ods to human behav­ior in the name of sci­ence is mis­di­rected and inap­pro­pri­ate. When we mea­sure nat­ural phe­nom­ena, we get results that will vary depend­ing upon the envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors affect­ing the thing being mea­sured. For exam­ple, we can mea­sure the speed at which a rock falls from a cer­tain height. Although the rock’s speed may be affected by exter­nal fac­tors, such as air resis­tance, there is noth­ing the rock can do, no deci­sion it can make that will change the speed at which it falls. How­ever, when we attempt to mea­sure a person’s atti­tudes or opin­ions, that per­son can change his or her atti­tude, opin­ion, or belief at any time—often because of a con­scious, delib­er­ate deci­sion to do so, as an act of will. Such Rat-childdelib­er­ate asser­tion of a person’s will is extremely dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble to measure.

The social “sci­ences” and psy­chol­ogy have long yearned for the respectabil­ity of sci­en­tific dis­ci­plines, and have touted them­selves as sci­ence for many decades. How­ever, both fields emerged from the same human­is­tic cesspools of the last century.

In dis­cussing the mas­sive par­a­digm shift over to adopt­ing a mod­ern “nat­u­ral­is­tic” or “mate­ri­al­is­tic” sci­ence, and post­mod­ern pseudo-science, the late Dr. Fran­cis Schaeffer[3] warned:

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“[A] mere demarcation on parchment of the constitutional limits of the several departments, is not a sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to a tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 48, 1788

Originally posted 2014-06-26 10:18:10.

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The Islamization of Jerusalem

11378543381Daniel Greenfield 10-30-14   Chaya Zissel Braun was murdered on her first trip back from the Western Wall where the indigenous Jewish population of Israel continues to pray in the shadow of the shrine established there by the Muslim conquerors from which the racist Muslim settlers rain down rocks on the Jewish worshipers.

The three-month old baby girl died when a Muslim terrorist rammed a car into a crowd hurtling her into the air and headfirst into the pavement. Her death did not take place in isolation. It was not caused by a tiny minority of extremists. Her blood was spilled on the street for the Islamization of Jerusalem.

The Islamization of Jerusalem is an international cause. It does not just come out of Gaza City or even Ramallah. Nor Doha or Istanbul. The politicians and diplomats of every major country demand the Islamization of Jerusalem. When they talk about a Palestinian State with its capital in Jerusalem, what they are really demanding is the restoration of the Muslim ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem in 1948.

They are demanding it with words and boycotts. But the Muslim settlers, on whose behalf they cry for the Apartheidization of Jerusalem, are writing their own demands with the blood of little girls.

The baby girl was murdered to Islamize a city. She died as the Israeli soldiers had died reunifying Jerusalem after the Arab Legion had ethnically cleansed the Jewish population and as ordinary Jerusalemites had died at the hands of Jordanian snipers searching the city for Jewish and Christian targets.  The victims of those years of Muslim occupation included Yaffa Binyamin, a 14-year-old girl sitting on the balcony of her own house and a Christian carpenter working on the Notre Dame Convent.

Like Chaya, I was born in Jerusalem. Like Yaffa, I lived in a building targeted by Muslim snipers. But the Six Day War had ended the reign of Muslim snipers over the city. The building where my parents made their home had been cheap once because living there could mean instant death for anyone looking out of a window at the wrong time. The liberation and reunification of Jerusalem had made it a place where Jewish children could play on balconies and Christians could repair churches without being murdered.

Under Muslim occupation, while Jordanian snipers were cold-bloodedly murdering their children, the Jewish residents living under fire couldn’t so much as put in an outhouse without being reported to the UN for illegal construction. That is no exaggeration. In one case a UN observer organization held four meetings to discuss an outhouse for local residents before condemning Israel for illegal construction.

It did not however condemn Jordan when one of its soldiers opened fire on a train wounding a Jewish teenage girl.

Muslim outrage over Jewish outhouses mattered more than the Muslim murder of Jewish children. It still does. Today the State Department

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It Is a Mistake to Consider the Ebola Epidemic a Hoax

ebola-immunity-300x199Dave Hodges 10-31-14   I was almost ready to dismiss the present “Ebola crisis” as a hoax as so many others have. Just based upon the fact that the virus is not spreading within the United Stated as would be expected, there is a natural tendency to reasonably suspect that we are looking at a strain of Ebola that has been weaponized. It would also be reasonable to assume that this  bioweapon is not nearly as contagious as “traditional Ebola” and this would explain the extremely low transmission rate. The obvious purpose of this bioweapon, under these conditions, would be to scare people into taking the Bill Gates funded vaccines. However, as this article will demonstrate, it might be a mistake to jump to the false flag conclusion at this point in time.

This article is the first of a two part series which explores the differing possibilities connected to so-called presence of Ebola inside of the United States

The Numbers Do Not Lie

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TOP 5 “RIGHT HOOKS” 10-31-14

PatriotsPostLogoDemocrats’ Last Campaign Play Includes Race Baiting        If you’re a Democrat, behind in the polls and desperate for a Hail Mary to get constituents to the voting booth, make a chop block at the line of scrimmage. Bring up slavery, bait races and divide Americans. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) made this play, implying a vote for the Republican Party is a vote for the KKK. “Everything we believe in — everything we believe in — they hate,” the incumbent Democrat insisted. “They don’t disagree — they hate! … Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over and they think they won the Civil War!” Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu added, “I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans.” In Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina, flyers have been distributed warning of a resurgence of Jim Crow laws and a repeat of the violence in Ferguson. It’s all an effort to inflame black voters, to get them to the polls in hopes of turning the tide of a GOP takeover of Congress. Democrats’ flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct drowns out any voice of reason. More...

Hagel Warns Again About Climate Change    Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced its plan to fight climate change. On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reiterated the significance of the threat. “From my perspective, within the portfolio that I have responsibility for — security of this country — climate change presents security issues for us,” he said. How so? “As the oceans increase, it’ll affect our [military] bases, it’ll affect islands, it’ll affect security across the world,” Hagel explained. “So, just from my narrow perspective, what I have responsibility for, that’s happening now, and we have to be prepared for that.” Furthermore, he concluded, “Bottom line is, with all the crises of the moment — and that’s part of my job, to manage the immediate crises — we also cannot lose sight of the strategic, longer-term challenges that face our country either, and this [climate change] is one that we’ve got to be smart in how we handle it. … [T]he military, the Pentagon, has maybe — at least perceived by many people — a more serious look at the world.” More serious? Not if our Pentagon policymakers are taking cues from Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz.

Comparing Apple’s Tim Cook and Chick-fil-A’s S. Truett Cathy        Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly discussed his homosexuality in a column that appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. He wrote, “The company I am so fortunate to lead has … taken a strong stand in support of a workplace equality bill before Congress, just as we stood for marriage equality in our home state of California.” That brings up an interesting juxtaposition. The Weekly Standard’s Jim Swift observes: “While he ‘doesn’t consider himself an activist,’ Cook has personally lobbied on gay rights issues in his home state of Alabama and at the United Nations. All of this sounds familiar — haven’t we heard this story before? A southern-born CEO invoking religion regarding his views on homosexuality, lobbying for what he believes in, and using his company to financially and publicly support those views? Indeed, we have a heard a story like this before. Before Tim Cook, this perfectly described another CEO and son of the south: S. Truett Cathy, the founder and former head of Chick-fil-A.” Contrary to its mantra, the Gay Mafia’s idea of tolerance is anything but a two-way street. More…

Sanity in Nebraska Case of the ‘Purple Penguins’        A Nebraska school recently achieved infamy by directing teachers to call kids “purple penguins” (as an example) instead of outdated, gender-specific terms like “boys and girls.” Such politically correct garbage predictably caused a backlash, which brings this good news. “After nearly a month of defending them, Lincoln Public Schools District in Nebraska has finally agreed to stop using the infamous ‘purple penguin’ transgender training handouts,” National Review’s Katherine Timpf reports. “At Tuesday’s Lincoln Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Steve Joel conceded that the handouts were not ‘appropriate, purposeful’ or ‘clear,’ and that he ‘directed them to be removed’ from the district’s schools.” Who says educating people doesn’t pay? More…

TSA Protects Us All From Ray Guns       The TSA confiscated the belt buckle of video producer Sean Malone because it was shaped like a gun — a Flash Gordon ray gun. According to Malone, the TSA says it confiscated the buckle because it was a replica of a weapon. But last time we checked, the number of people killed by ray guns still hovers, oh, right around zero. Something about the weapon not actually existing… But that didn’t stop the TSA from taking the belt buckle because Malone might be stupid enough to point the thing at a police officer, and the police officer might be stupid enough to think he was about to get zapped with alien technology. Ah, government, always protecting us from ourselves, and the worst of what could befall us. Don’t you feel safer? More…

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“It will not be denied that power is of an encroaching nature and that it ought to be effectually restrained from passing the limits assigned to it.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 48, 1788

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CALIFORNIA MIDDLE SCHOOL parents pulling son out of school because he is being taught Islam in public school

versysliderimagee1377122791697-vi-11Can’t make mention of Judaism or Christianity; but Islam is okay…….. since America elected it’s first muslim president. This isn’t the first school as it’s happening all over the country. 

10-31-14  Parents of a boy enrolled in Manhattan Beach Middle School are pulling their son out of class because the school is teaching children the tenets of the Islamic faith, Los Angeles news station KTLA reports. 

Breitbart  The father said, “The audacity of this school, to think that they can sit these children down and teach ’em whatever religion they please; it’s preposterous. This is illegal, basically. You can’t teach religion in schools any more, but apparently, in this particular school, at least, that’s not the case.” 

Parents said they discovered that what their children were learning about Islam was more about the tenets of the faith than the history of the religion, according to KTLA.  One question asked the students to write down teachings from the Koran. 1abcshariavi2-vi1islam102vi-vi1

The father continued, “What I saw written in these bubbles was, ‘The one true God, Allah’ in one of the bubbles. In one of the other bubbles was ‘All people must submit to Allah,’ in another bubble. The I turned the page over and I see the five pillars of Islam.” 

The parents talked to the principal, but the school refused to change the schoolwork, prompting the parents to remove their son from the class. The school would not respond to questions from KTLA.

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 Deanna Favre to QB for Green Bay 

In a news conference Deanna Favre announced she will be the starting QB for the Packers next season. Does this make sense to you?unnamed

Deanna asserts that she is qualified to be the starting QB because she had spent 16 years married to Brett while he played QB for the Packers. Even though she has actually never played football at any level from grade school up and never run the offense of any team or played the game.

During this period of time, she became familiar with the definition of a corner blitz, the nickel package, and man-to-man coverage, so she is now completely comfortable with all the other terminology involving the Packers offense. A survey of Packers fans shows that 50% of those polled supported  the move. .

Does this sound idiotic and unbelievable or does it sound familiar to you? 

Hillary Clinton makes the same claims as to why she is qualified to be the President and 50% of Democrats polled agreed.

She has never run a city, county, or state during her “career” of being Bill Clinton’s wife. When told Hillary Clinton has experience because she has 8 years in the White House, my immediate thought was “So has the pastry chef.”

When it comes to running the State Department, her biggest achievement was getting a US Ambassador and 3 other Americans killed, by pretending terrorism had been defeated.

 If you want, pass this on. It makes sense!!!

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Wishful Thinking – DRY BONES 10-31-14


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Anti-Obama Artist Gets Secret Service Visit for Joke Tweets

sabo-secret-serviceSabo warns anyone with political opinion could be targeted by feds

Paul Joseph Watson 10-31-14   Enigmatic anti-Obama artist Sabo received a visit from the Secret Service this week in response to tweets in which he joked about Lee Harvey Oswald returning as a zombie.

Although the tweets were sent out a month ago, two Secret Service agents showed up at Sabo’s home on Wednesday to check if the artist represented a violent threat to President Barack Obama.

In a hilarious exchange, Sabo spoke to the agents while he was working on a toilet seat thatBzDATRyCIAAQ4QW features Obama’s face on the lid.

“Did you send out the tweets about bringing back Lee Harvey Oswald as a zombie,” asks one of
the agents.

“How likely is that gonna happen?” responds Sabo.

In another tweet, Sabo poked fun at actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who earlier this month received criticism for her fawning adulation of Obama during a Democratic Party fundraiser at her house in Santa Monica during which she told the president, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly.”

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Software Expert: “Incredibly Suspicious”… Democrats are Cheating


Steven Ahle 10-31-14   Voting machines in Chicago and Maryland are experiencing the same problem.  They are switching votes from Republican to democrat.  This they are blaming on bad calibration.  This has been a problem for at least three election cycles now and it’s always republican voters getting switched to democratic candidates.  If that’s not suspicious enough for you, try this on for size.  Tony Heller a software developer and an expert on touchscreen technology says that’s not possible:

“It’s a software issue, and it’s incredibly suspicious that a bug like that could slip through accidentally. It defies belief.”

Heller said that any technician could determine whether the machines were tampered with, but of course since the machines were in democratic districts, no independent technicians were allowed to examine them.

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Islamic State (ISIS) orders jihadists to dump all iPhones

th10-31-14   After APPLE CEO, Tim Cook, comes out as gay yesterday, Islamic State jihadists decide to switch to a cell phone company not run by a filthy homosexual.Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 12.01.58 PM

Tim Cook Speaks Up

Tim Cook 10-30-14   Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to maintain a basic level of privacy. I come from humble roots, and I don’t seek to draw attention to myself. Apple is already one of the most closely watched companies in the world, and I like keeping the focus on our products and the incredible things our customers achieve with them.

At the same time,

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unnamed10-31-14   Well, it’s Halloween, so I figured it’d be fitting to feature a Halloween-related fatwa (Islamic edict) on YDM. Meet Malay Islamic scholar Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, president of the Islamist group ISMA, a man who seeks to drive Malaysia back into the 7th century through fearmongering, blatant lying, and utter lunacy.

When Malaysia’s National Fatwa Council issued a fatwa informing Muslims that taking part in Halloween celebrations was in violation of sharia, Zaik decided to add his two cents on the issue. He claimed non-Muslims worldwide organize Halloween festivities to “shake the faith” of Muslims and “spread atheism.” Yes, because Christians worldwide are conspiring and celebrating Halloween in order to turn people they’ve never had contact with into… atheists? Did anyone follow Zaik’s logic there? Was there even any logic there?

Zaik has also stated that he believes pluralism and liberalism are among the many methods Jews use to erase national identity, which Zaik sees in a religious framework due to Malaysia’s strong Muslim leanings. Another alleged Jewish conspiracy thought up by a Muslim who lacks any hard evidence to back his assertion… yawn.

As I’m sure you’ve read on this site or elsewhere, many Muslims say that non-Muslims living in sharia-governed areas (dhimmis) are not held to the same standard of conduct because they are not forced to strictly adhere to sharia. However, we’ve seen that this isn’t the case on many occasions. Zaik claims that dhimmis must live by sharia and not “act beyond their means,” calling non-sharia-compliant actions of those non-Muslims a form of extremism. In the same breath, he argued sharia was not extremist. At another rally focused on stirring up anti-Christian sentiment, Zaik called for sharia punishments (hudud) to be applied to non-Muslims as well. It would be funny if these crazies didn’t believe every word they said.

Your Daily Muslim

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North Carolina Muslim pleads guilty to trying to aid Islamic State     He wanted to join the Islamic State as well, not just provide support for it. And so we see yet another convert to Islam misunderstand his new religion so as to think it involves violence against unbelievers — and yet no law enforcement authorities are calling upon Muslim groups in the U.S. to institute programs  read more

Canada: Muslim arrested for ties to jihadis in Pakistan, has arsenal of firearms     Canada on high alert since the two jihad murders of Canadian soldiers last week. “Canada arrests Pakistani gun owner, alleges security threat,” by Richard Valdmanis, Reuters, October 30, 2014: (Reuters) – Police have jailed a Pakistani gun collector living in Ontario, alleging he is a terrorist threat to Canada, his lawyer said on Thursday, days  read more

Leaflets claiming to be from the Islamic State found at Quantico Marine base, but Arabic is upside-down and reversed      “We came from Mexico on a train.” Chilling and entirely possible. Nonetheless, this is likely to be just a hoax, as the Arabic text — “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” — is upside-down and reversed, which is not an error that a member of the Islamic State is likely  read more

Hamas-linked CAIR “disappointed” that it failed to intimidate UC Berkeley into canceling Bill Maher appearance   Bill Maher is going to speak at UC Berkeley, and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is crestfallen that its fascist campaign to defame and destroy everyone who dares to speak the truth about Islam and jihad has failed this time. Said Hamas-linked CAIR’s Zahra Billoo: “While Mr. Maher has the right to speak  read more

Video: Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the Islamic jihad against Christianity     Yesterday, on my weekly Jihad Watch segment on Michael’s Sun TV program. Video thanks to AlohaSnackbar01.  read more

Former US Ambassador to Iraq: Obama Administration was warned about rise of the Islamic State, “did almost nothing”     The last thing that the Obama Administration wanted to do was acknowledge that there was another Islamic jihad group that was not al-Qaeda, but that shared the same beliefs and goals as al-Qaeda. Nor did Obama want to acknowledge that there were Islamic jihadists among the Syrian “rebels” that he was so anxious to support  read more

Mali: “Particularly violent combat” between French troops and Islamic jihadists; one soldier killed    Remember the jihad in Mali? The jihadists do. The conflict between the jihadis and Western forces is not actually a series of discrete, localized “clashes,” as it is portrayed in the mainstream media. It is actually a global defense against forces with a unified ideology and common goals. And it will be an endless war   read more

UNRWA schoolbooks in Gaza stress jihad, martyrdom, denial of Israel, and return of “refugees” by force of arms   And the schoolbooks are just one small part of the UNRWA/Hamas symbiosis in Gaza. “As usual, the question is – is anyone listening?” Apparently not Malala Yousafzai. “UNRWA-Hamas Symbiosis Detailed in New Film,” Arutz Sheva, October 29, 2014 (thanks to Inexion): In a new documentary video entitled UNRWA Goes to War, journalist David Bedein builds  read more

Maryland: Marine dad banned from school after complaining about Islam assignment     There is nothing wrong with students learning about Islam in school. The problem is that because of influence from pressure groups such as the Council on Islamic Education, public school textbooks are for the most part heavily biased, with scarcely a critical word about Islam, Muhammad depicted as a cross between Gandhi and Fred McMurray  read more

U.S. military ordered to hide identities, change routines to avoid jihad terrorist attacks   “Guard what you post on Facebook and Twitter. Do not post anything that links you to the Defense Department. Do not post any opposition to terrorist groups.” Why not “Be aware, prepared, and resolute to defend yourselves, your family and your country”? Why not “Don’t scuttle around in darkness, living your life in fear of  read more

20 to 30 former Guantanamo detainees suspected of joining the Islamic State, other jihad groups     This is not surprising, since absolutely nothing was done at Guantanamo to disabuse these men of the beliefs that led them to wage jihad in the first place. Any such action would have been “Islamophobic.” “Sources: Former Guantanamo detainees suspected of joining ISIS, other groups in Syria,” by Justin Fishel and Jennifer Griffin, FoxNews.com, October  read more

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th122[VOTER INTIMIDATION SHOWS DEMOCRAT DESPERATION - AND BIG BROTHER POWERS - As Liberal Democrat Bob Beckel says - ANYTHING to get out the vote!]  The New York State Democratic Committee is bullying people into voting next week with intimidating letters warning that it can easily find out which slackers fail to cast a ballot next Tuesday.   [Well, Republicans want ELIGIBLE voters to vote, Democrats want EVERYONE to vote.  But it's an effective lie - one they are happy to repeat because "anything to win" in their motto.]   http://nypost.com/2014/10/30/democrats-threaten-voters-to-get-to-the-polls/

Facebook is mining its data of user’s posts to find out how users feel about certain candidates or issues and sharing that data with ABC News and BuzzFeed for use in their 2016 reporting, the social networking site will announce on Friday.  http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2014/10/facebook-data-mining-for-political-sentiment-197933.html

Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes  [Call me a skeptic.]   http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2555486

Rep. Smith Slams Use of Obamacare Funds to Promote ‘Dreamer’ Amnesty. Using federal tax dollars from the health fund, the foundation then sponsored ads on Univision reminding qualifying illegal aliens to renew their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) permits before they expire.  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/brittany-m-hughes/rep-smith-slams-use-obamacare-funds-promote-dreamer-amnesty

I have never in my increasingly long life felt vulnerable as a Jew in America.  I never even dreamed it would happen.  But it has now — with the Obama administration. You will excuse me if I think my Jewish American friends that vote Democratic every year by rote are a bit sick.  I have tried to have patience with them for about a decade, tried to persuade them with reason, but now I think they’re… well, there’s an excellent Yiddish word…  ferkochta.  Or suffering from  a Stockholm Syndrome so massive it wouldn’t fit in all the Volvo factories in Sweden.  http://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2014/10/30/welcome-to-berlin-1937/?singlepage=true

Government Agencies Scramble to Purchase Hazmat Suits Orders from one company surpass 1 million as concerns about Ebola linger. WHY IF THERE’S NOT A PROBLEM?    http://www.infowars.com/government-agencies-scramble-to-purchase-hazmat-suits/

Non-Citizens Are Voting  James O’Keefe documents the problem in North Carolina, where the Senate race is close.  [But not to worry - there is no need for Voter I.D. - that would be racist.]  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391474/non-citizens-are-voting-john-fund

IRS Stonewalls Cruz Investigation; Cruz Threatens Subpoena Come January  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/10/30/IRS-Stonewalls-Cruz-Investigation

[Here is one October Surprise which the Democrats will use to the max:]  http://news.yahoo.com/graham-remark-helping-white-men-joke-182608380–election.html

Mary Landrieu: Obama unpopular in Louisiana because of racism – video   http://www.conservativefiringline.com/mary-landrieu-obama-unpopular-louisiana-racism-video/

Donna Brazile: Ultra Liberal Democrat strategist on CNN ‘Lock the gates of hell’ to keep GOP demons ‘out of Obama’s way  http://www.examiner.com/article/donna-brazile-lock-the-gates-of-hell-to-keep-gop-demons-out-of-obama-s-way

House GOP’s lawyers give up on anti-Obama lawsuit? [At least they seem to still be trying....]  House Speaker John Boehner’s still-unfiled lawsuit against President Barack Obama for exceeding his constitutional power is in more trouble.  “The litigation remains on track, but we are examining the possibility of forgoing outside counsel and handling the litigation directly through the House.”  http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/house-gops-lawyers-give-anti-obama-lawsuit

The National Security Agency might not have only collected personal information belonging to millions of Americans. It may very well have shared it too – with at least one foreign government.     [I'm sure Obama must be so proud, but he will say he just learned about it in the news, he is angry, mistakes were made, someone will be punished - now stop talking about it.  Oh, and "What difference does it make?"]    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/10/30/the-nsa-scandal-may-have-just-gotten-even-worse/

DOD Orders Off-Duty Troops [in America] To Hide Their Military Identity In Public  [I see that our military does not think of ISIS as a JV Team.  And police are not allowed to use a person's obvious Muslim appearance in order to profile possible danger!]  http://clashdaily.com/2014/10/breaking-dod-orders-duty-troops-hide-military-identity-public/

Parents of some junior high school students  are outraged after a teacher gave their kids an assignment that seriously invaded their privacy, without even notifying them.  https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#drafts?compose=149661eac08b088e         According to Fox 13 Salt Lake City, a “health” teacher at Mapleton Junior High in Utah have student a “homework” assignment to raid the family’s medicine cabinets and report back to her with the contents therein. 

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UnknownWhat Love Is

Read: Romans 5:1-8

God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. —Romans 5:8

Bible in a Year: Jeremiah 22-23; Titus 1

Bill Crowder   Years ago I asked a young man who was engaged to be married, “How do you know that you love her?” It was a loaded question, intended to help him look at his heart’s motives for the upcoming marriage. After several thoughtful moments, he responded, “I know I love her because I want to spend the rest of my life making her happy.”

We discussed what that meant—and the price tag attached to the selflessness of constantly seeking the best for the other person, rather than putting ourselves first. Real love has a lot to do with sacrifice.

That idea is in line with the wisdom of the Bible. In the Scriptures there are several Greek words for love but the highest form is agape love—love that is defined and driven by self-sacrifice. Nowhere is this more true than in the love our heavenly Father has shown us in Christ. We are deeply valued by Him. Paul stated, “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8).

If sacrifice is the true measure of love, there could be no more precious gift than Jesus: “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son” (John 3:16 nlt).

Amazing love!

How can it be

That Thou, my God,

Shouldst die for me? —Wesley

The measure of love is what you are willing to give up for it.

Insight: As a result of Christ’s sacrifice, Paul mentions two great benefits for the follower of Christ. In verse 1, he says that we have “peace with God,” an idea that he unpacks in Philippians 4, where we read of the incomprehensible peace of God, but also the relationship we have with the God of peace Himself (vv.8-9). In Romans 5:2, Paul also declares that we now have “access” to God. This was a stunning idea that he explained more fully in Colossians 1:21, “And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled.” We receive the gifts of peace with God and access to God because of Christ’s loving sacrifice on our behalf.

You can make a difference. Even the smallest donation helps reach people around the world with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. Donate

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Gender Equality Gap Greatest in Islamic Countries

Women SilencedPatrick Goodenough 10-30-14   (CNSNews.com) – Nineteen out of 20 countries with the lowest scores in an annual survey of gender equality around the world are Islamic, and 12 are Arab states.

As a bloc, the Muslim world’s showing in this year’s “Global Gender Gap” report, compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and released on Tuesday, is even worse than in previous recent years, when 17 of the bottom 20 were Islamic states.

The survey, covering a total of 142 countries this year, measures gaps between women and men in four key areas: political empowerment, economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, and health and survival.

The 20 countries at the bottom of the 2014 list, in order from the lowest-ranked, are Yemen, Pakistan, Chad, Syria, Mali, Iran, Cote d’Ivoire, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Guinea, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Ethiopia, Algeria, Turkey, Bahrain and Tunisia.

With the exception of Ethiopia, all are Muslim-majority states.

The highest-ranking Islamic state in the WEF survey is Kazakhstan in 43rd place. (Mozambique, ranked 27th, is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation bloc, but does not have a Muslim majority.)

The highest-placed Arab state is Kuwait, in 113th position.

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Gunshot Christian Denied Care At 3 Muslim Hospitals, Dies

Egyptian Christian Dies of Gunshot Wound After Being Turned Away by Three Local Hospitalscoptic-christians-egypt

Dean Garrison 1-9-14  Is this really a kinder and gentler Egypt? As Morsi was being removed a lot of media sources were hailing it as some sort of victory and I held firm to a belief that it was not. Just because you removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power it does not mean that you have removed the Muslims

They still despise Christians.

They still support Sharia Law.


I wrote a piece back in July after Morsi was removed that almost no one read. Why? Because people were in love with the hype. If you want to read my opinion on why nothing has changed in Egypt you can go to the link below. If not that’s fine too. As the old saying goes… You can bring water to a mule but you can’t make him bathe.

Do You Think That Egyptians Are Heroes For Overthrowing Morsi? Wake Up!!!

At any rate, with all of the changes in Egypt, one thing has seemingly remained the same and that is the treatment of Coptic Christians. The stories of Copts being mistreated has not stopped with the new regime.

Why is that?

People seem to forget that Continue reading

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Founder’s Daily Quote

Patriots Post 11-14-12

“Foreign influence is truly the Grecian horse to a republic. We cannot be too careful to exclude its influence.” --Alexander Hamilton, Pacificus, No. 6, 1793

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