THE ISRAEL PROJECTQatar scrambles to push back against terror support accusations.     The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani used the occasion of a state visit to Berlin to assure German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Doha “has never and will never support terror organizations,” after months of growing international consternation regarding Doha’s alleged role in diplomatically and militarily supporting a range of Sunni extremist groups including the Islamic State (IS) and Hamas. The outlet noted that German Development Minister Gerd Muller had just last month accused Qatar of being the country that “arms [and] finances IS troops,” triggering a not insignificant diplomatic incident that ended with Germany’s foreign ministry apologizing for “misunderstandings.” The apology triggered a wave of skepticism and criticism from German media outlets and politicians. Al-Thani’s Wednesday remarks prompted Jonathan Schanzer – vice president of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies – to sarcastically tweet “case closed,” a gesture toward piles of evidence indicating that Qatar is a significant backer of regional extremist groups and by some measures Hamas’s top global supporter. The issue long ago began drawing congressional attention, and hearings have been held in recent weeks to probe Qatari support for terror entities. Washington’s traditional Arab allies have aligned themselves opposite the Qataris – to the point of pulling ambassadors – and a recent high-level Saudi delegation to Doha reportedly had the Saudis “read[ing] the riot act” to the Qataris, according to Washington Institute fellow Simon Henderson. Controversy over Qatar’s outsized influence has even in recent weeks engulfed the U.S.-based Brookings Institute, which has a branch in the country and receives tens of millions of dollars from Doha. An article published Wednesday by Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Lee Smith blasted Martin Indyk – vice president and director of the Foreign Policy Program at Brookings, and until recently a top figure in the State Department’s push for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement – for having “cashed a $14.8 million check from Qatar.”

Lockheed Martin Seeks ‘Bigger Footprint’ in Israeli Market.       US aerospace company Lockheed Martin has formed a technology-focused Israeli subsidiary, Lockheed Martin Israel, that will focus on cybersecurity, enterprise information technology, data centers, mobile, analytics and cloud, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year, Lockheed Martin signed an agreement with EMC Corporation to jointly invest in advanced technology projects in cloud computing, data analytics and cyber technology. “Lockheed Martin has been operating in Israel for the past 20 years,” Haden Land, vice president of research and technology for Lockheed Martin, told the WSJ. “In April, we planted our flag by opening a tech center in Beersheba, and now we’re showing our commitment by incorporating Lockheed Martin Israel.” According to the report, the defense contractor hopes to win deals with the IDF. “We’re going to methodically grow our footprint,” Land, who is taking part in a a cybersecurity conference at Tel Aviv University, told The Wall Street Journal.

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Bill Ayers’ Parents Put a “Foreigner” Named Barack Obama Through Harvard


Dean Garrison 6-29-14   Barack Obama’s political career was launched at a fundraiser held at Bill Ayers home. Yet, through the course of the last 6 years, Barack Obama has acted like Bill Ayers is nothing but a casual acquaintance.

It is understandable that Barack Obama would try to hide any ties to the infamous co-founder of the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers is bad news. However, I think most of America realizes that Bill Ayers is much more central to the Obama story than we have been told.

Obama supporters tend to think that the Ayers’ connection is either inconsequential or simply a thing of the past.

His detractors think this relationship is vital to who Obama is and to exposing his real goals for America. Many believe that Bill Ayers was, and possibly still is, Barack Obama’s mentor.

Before I get into the Ayers’ family connection, I want to play a short video interview of Larry Grathwohl. Larry was an “undercover” member of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground was not simply a second-rate terrorist organization that set off a few bombs. The stated goal of the leadership was to take over America and subsequently kill 25 million people:

Scary stuff, isn’t it?

It is also important to note that Bill Ayers’ father, Tom, was a very wealthy and well-connected man.

Thomas G. Ayers (February 16, 1915, Detroit, Michigan – June 8, 2007, Chicago, Illinois) was president (1964–1980), CEO and chairman (1973–1980) of Commonwealth Edison.[1]

Ayers served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University, the Erikson Institute, the Bank Street College of Education in New York City, the Chicago Symphony, the Chicago Community Trust, the Chicago Urban League, the Community Renewal Society, the Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry, Chicago United, the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, and Dearborn Park Corp.,[1] and served as vice president of the Chicago Board of Education.[2]

Ayers also served on the board of directors of SearsG.D. SearleChicago Pacific Corp., Zenith Corp., Northwest Industries, General Dynamics Corp. of St. Louis, First National Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs, and the Tribune Co.[1]

Source: Wikipedia

I think it would be safe to say that Thomas Ayers was one of those men who got what he wanted in life.

In 2012 investigative reporter Jerome Corsi uncovered a witness named Allen Hulton who was the Ayers’ family mailman. He spoke of many conversations with Mary Ayers, one with Thomas and claims to have met a young Barack Obama.

In a WND video you’ll hear talk of the Ayers’ family supporting a young foreign student which is presumably Barack Obama. Hulton also claims to have met Obama outside of the Ayers’ home. In that conversation Barack Obama confidently told Hulton that he was going to be president.

If this account from Hulton is to be trusted, not only did Obama know Ayers’ and his family well, he was practically Bill’s brother. Either way, this could be just one of the reasons that Obama will never unseal his college records.

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NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #124: Beware the hijab tricksters

pur70df6a652fb75980-viEMPLOYERS BE WARNED: Muslims will trick you by not wearing an Islamic hijab to the interview, then after being hired, show up for work the first day wearing the covering and threaten to sue if they are told to remove it because it violates the company’s dress code, often for safety reasons. They will not assimilate into American society and take advantage of our system. Despicable people!

9-17-14    KCET  CASE IN POINT: A young Muslim woman applies for a position at a beauty supply store without wearing her hijab. Once she’s hired, she starts her first day of work with the hijab covering her hair. “Take the covering off or go home,” the woman’s supervisor says, in front customers and coworkers.

Never hire a Muslim and you won’t have to deal with Muslims whining to the media about being discriminated against

After explaining her religious beliefs and the significance of hijab to her manager — an expression of devotion to God and symbol of modesty and privacy expressed through religious dress in Islam — she is still sent home. After threatening litigation, she is allowed to keep her job and continue wearing her covering, the young woman sees a cut in work hours, and is assigned to work in the back of the shop.

CAIRNever hire a Muslim and you won’t have to deal with this

This is just one of the examples of workplace discrimination Muslims face, as listed in the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations’) newest report on Muslim civil rights in California. CAIR’s California offices received 933 complaints from the American Muslim community last year. The organization’s Los Angeles branch received 444 complaints, the highest of all CAIR California offices.

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Renowned Dutch ‘anti-Islamization’ MP Geert Wilders’ Warning to Israel

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 10.46.12 AMRenowned Dutch ‘anti-Islamization’ MP Geert Wilders’ Warning to Israel

Tom Trento of The United West interviews the very controversial Wilders, one of Europe’s staunchest critics of Islam and ardent supporter of Israel.

Breitbart  In this interview, Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom, analyzes both the immediate problem that Israel has with the Hamas and the long-term problem that the West has with the global advance of the so-called Islamic Caliphate. Moreover, Wilders offers his solutions, which he argues are essential for Western countries to defeat “supremacist Islam.”

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FINALLY! A Western leader who declares that Russia is our best ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 5.50.17 PM9-17-14    The West must desist from its staunch opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy in Ukraine, and form an alliance with Moscow in order to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS), UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has said.

RT  Farage demanded the West stop antagonizing “the Russian bear”by poking him “with a stick”, and insisted President Putin is “on our side” in the global war against jihadist extremism.

The right wing MP called upon Western leaders to “grow up” and “recognize the real threat putin-fight-the-terroristsfacing all of our countries, communities and societies.” It’s time for Europe to halt the geopolitical theatre in Ukraine, he warned, and prepare a plan like “like Syria, like Iraq, like Kenya like Nigeria” to deal with the real and substantive “threat that faces us.”

Farage sparked controversy earlier in 2014 when he publicly declared Putin to be the statesman he harbors the most admiration for.

In a European Parliament (EP) debate on Tuesday morning, the UKIP chief offered a sympathetic interpretation of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Farage argued EU leaders had directly encouraged the uprising in the conflict-ridden state, which he says has predictably prompted a retaliatory reaction from Moscow.

putin1Putin is also blamed by many Western leaders for prolonging carnage in Syria by supply Damascus with arms and military aircraft. He has also been criticized for repeatedly blocking attempts to sanction Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government via the United Nations.

But Farage argues these political differences must be cast aside so that Russia can join forces put1-e1410977076178with multiple European nations to tackle IS and defeat the Islamic terror group. The UKIP leader warned we are living in tenuous times, with the West currently facing the greatest threat it has seen in over 70 years.

“The recent beheadings of the British and American hostages graphically illustrates the problem and of course we have our own citizens from our won countries engaged in that struggle too,” he said.

Farage suggested a litany of Western “foreign policy failures and contradictions” in recent years have unnecessarily provoked Putin, including the “bombing of Libya” and Western leaders desire to arm Syrian rebels. UKIP leader criticized the EU’s expansionist agenda, emphasizing EU powers “directly encouraged the uprising in Ukraine that led to the toppling of the president Yanukovych.”

Putin’s reaction was unsurprising, Farage concluded, who stressed “if you poke the Russian bear with a stick,” you should expect retaliation.

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Terrorism Didn’t Stop When Osama Bin Laden was Killed

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Elizabeth Warren: “Fair” to Compare Jews to Nazis

Says Gazans have a right to defend themselves, calls for two-state solution. What Warren and Deluded Progressive’s Fail to mention; When Israel is not being attacked, there is peace. When Israel is attacked by Palestinians, there is war. Before they start comparing Jews to Nazi’s, maybe they should spend more time finding out the truth of the actions by Muslim attackers against Israel.

Bradford Thomas 9-17-14    In a speaking event at Tufts University Monday, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren told a “Holocaust refugee” that she thought it was “fair” to compare Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews in the Holocaust. Warren also walked back her previous statement that Israel had the right to defend itself by saying that the Gazans do as well and that her ultimate goal is ending war and establishing a two-state solution.

The exchange began when activist Eva Moseley, a self-described “Holocaust refugee,” said that she was “extremely” worried about the Jews’ treatment of Palestinians:

Moseley: Eva Moseley, I’m not a student, I’m not an alumnae, but was in faculty life. I was also a Holocaust refugee, and I’m extremely concerned that Jews don’t do to another people what was done to them.

[Loud applause from the audience.]

Warren: [nodding] I think that’s fair.

Moseley then pushed Warren on her recent statement on Israel’s right to defend itself:

Moseley: You recently said that you believe that Israel has the right to self-defense. Do you also believe that the Palestinians have a right to self-defense?

[More applause.]

Warren: Of course. So, and the answer is yes. The direction we ought to be moving is not toward more war. The direction we need to be moving, as I said, I believe we need to move to a two-state solution where both peoples can be secure and safe within their own borders. So, I’m there.

The Weekly Standard reports that earlier this year Moseley signed a petition “Unequivocally Condemning Israel’s Ongoing Massacre In Gaza,” which the petition called “The Latest Chapter In More Than A Century Of Zionist Colonialism, Dispossession, Ethnic Cleaning, Racism, And Genocide — Including Israel’s Very Establishment Through The Uprooting And Displacement Of Over 750,000 Palestinians.”

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Four Strategic Consequences of a ‘Yes’ Vote in Scotland

SCOT-YES-PICScots who favor independence rally Wednesday on the day before the referendum. 

9-17-14    Scottish independence is hardly a simple matter of kilts and bagpipes and Braveheart shouting, “Freedom!” If Scottish voters Thursday approve a referendum to separate from England, they would wreak unprecedented damage on the United Kingdom.

A breakup of Britain would weaken the international security posture and diplomatic clout of both England and Scotland. Moving the Trident submarines would make NATO more vulnerable. A ‘yes’ vote would also encourage Europe’s other separatist movements and change the political makeup of England by making it a more conservative nation without the leftist Scots.

The referendum would not lead to immediate independence. It would set the stage for 18 months of complicated negotiations between London and Edinburgh over the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, North Sea oil, monetary policy and other issues entwined in a union more than 300 years old.


England and Scotland have been unified in one way or another since England’s Queen Elizabeth I died childless, and the crown passed to her closet royal relative, James VI of Scotland, in 1603. Although the two countries remained independent of each other, they shared a common monarch through the House of Stuart until 1707 when the Scottish and English parliaments united into a single country named Great Britain.

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Mortar shell fired from Gaza at Israel

Hamas denies it launched projectile; IDF searching for impact site in the Eshkol Region

000_Par7925142-635x357A picture taken from the southern Israeli border with the Gaza Strip shows Israeli flares illuminating the Palestinian coastal enclave, on July 7, 2014.

Stuart Winer 9-16-14    A mortar shell was fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Tuesday evening, the Israel Defense Forces confirmed, the first since a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas went into effect on August 26.

The Code Red rocket warning siren did not sound, and the IDF said it was searching for the impact point that was believed to be somewhere near the border fence in the Eshkol Regional Council. An IDF official said the siren remained silent because IDF sensors trained on Gaza correctly ascertained that the shell would land near the fence, and not near population centers.

Army Radio reported that Eshkol residents heard an explosion nearby. Ynet reported that the projectile may have landed just inside the Gaza Strip.

No injuries or damage were reported.

Hamas denied that it was responsible for the launch, saying in a statement it was interested in maintaining the August 26 ceasefire.

The fire came hours after Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said he did not think Hamas would resume rocket fire on Israel.

Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yallin said that it was still unclear whether the launch was part of a Hamas training session gone wrong, or whether it was directed at Israel, Ynet reported.

“We will not accept sporadic fire at our communities,” he added. “Israel’s leadership will evaluate how it chooses to protect its residents. We expect the government to act to bring quiet to the region.”

On Monday, the Code Red siren sounded near the Gaza Strip in what the IDF said was a false alarm.

Gaza border towns came under daily rocket fire over the course of a seven-week conflict between Israel and Hamas that ended when the two sides agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire. Some 4,600 rockets and projectiles were fired at Israel during the 50-day conflict.

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Americans Alone

lonely-loneliness-21529870-329-328Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish 9-16-14   For the first time in American statistical history, the majority of American adults are single. 124 million or 50.2% of Americans are single. Some will get married, but increasing numbers never will.

 Demographically a population of single adults means the death of the Republican Party. It eliminates the possibility of libertarian and fiscally conservative policies. It leads inevitably to the welfare state.

Single people are less likely to have a support system that keeps them from becoming a public charge. Children born to single parents perform poorly in school and are more likely to engage in criminal behavior. A nation of single people will inevitably become a welfare state and a police state.

The statistics have always been known and the conclusions to be drawn from them are inescapable.

A lot of attention is being paid to the political consequences of the nation’s changing racial demographics, but it’s not a coincidence that the racial group that Republicans perform worst with is also the least likely to be married. While there are other factors in the mix, Republicans do better with married than unmarried black people.

The same is true of most other racial groups.

The latest Reuters poll shows that 36% of married Hispanics are planning to vote for a Democratic candidate in the upcoming midterm election and 28% are planning to vote for a Republican candidate. Among unmarried Hispanics, those numbers change to 42% Democratic and %15 Republican.

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The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

Bill-Gates-Vaccines-890x395_c-600x266Dave Hodges 9-17-14    I have previously reported that Monsanto, or Monsatan as many call them, has partnered with the Department of Defense to use a proxy third party company to develop a vaccine against Ebola. The seed money began at $1.5 million. The value of the deal could grow to an estimated $86 million dollars. The company’s name is Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics. “TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office”.  As breaking and shocking of a news story as this has the potential to be, the real story is that this is not the most important part of the Ebola threat which has invaded the United States. The truth of the matter is that these unholy and untrustworthy associations, when it comes to “fighting” the Ebola virus, represent the mere tip of the iceberg.

The more one digs into who is behind the creation and the development of vaccines for treating Ebola, the more the conspiracy networks widen. The most amazing fact is how incredibly easy it was to locate this information. I want to be clear on this point, Ebola was invented, a vaccine for Ebola has existed for 8-10 years, some government sponsored institutions as well as some of the global elite have positioned themselves to profit enormously from the spread of the virus and the development of and dissemination of mandatory Ebola vaccines and the imposition of total martial law in the process. Here is the proof.

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The Headchopper Next Door

isis-killing-foleyHow many times have we heard people claim what a nice guy the neighbor who just killed a slew of people was.

Daniel Greenfield 9-17-14   Every week another lad or lass from St. Louis, Toronto or Sydney makes the trip through Turkey to the Islamic State. A reporter dispatched by a local paper to talk to the neighbors scribbles down the same recollections about how nice and normal Jihad Joe or Jihad Jane was.

Classmates remember a loud partier or a shy student. Neighbors mention that everything seemed normal until those last few years when he began wearing a robe and she began wearing a burka.

The Somali and Algerian immigrants, the German and American converts, the black burkas and dyed beards, headed into the dying summer to kill Christians and Kurds, Turkmen and Shiites, to behead babies and crucify critics, don’t seem like monsters. They loved their parents. They posed for jokey snapshots on Facebook. They had dreams of becoming biologists or boxers. Until they began killing people, they seemed just like the rest of us.

And with one difference, they were.

The forensic examinations of their lives rarely reveal anything of significance. The extensive digging into the lives of the Boston bombers told us nothing about why they would plant a bomb near a little boy.

The answer lay in the topic that the media carefully avoided. As with the other Muslim terrorists, the meaning of their motives was in the little black book of their religion which commanded them to kill.

The Jihadist isn’t a serial killer. While there are some converts attracted to Islam for its violence, the Muslim convert usually doesn’t convert for the killing, he kills because he converted. Likewise the nice Muslim Jihadist next door might well be moderate by inclination and immoderate by faith.

As the Koran says,

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Cops Shoot Kill Little Kid – WHY?

Officer Shoots and Kills 90 Pound Teen With Schizophrenia While Two Officers Had Him On The Ground After Tasing Himkeith-wilsey

Lily Dane  1-7-14 A North Carolina family is mourning the loss of their 18 year old son after he was shot and killed by a police officer.

Mark Wilsey called 911 for police assistance with his son Keith, who was having a schizophrenic incident and threatened his mother with a small screwdriver.

Wilsey said two police officers showed up and were able to subdue Keith, but the arrival of a third officer caused the teen to become agitated, and the officers used a Taser on him.

Wilsey told WECT that officers had his son down on the ground after the teen was tased a few times and an officer said, “We don’t have time for this.”

That’s when Wilsey says one of the officers stepped between the two who were holding Keith down and fired, killing his son:

“There was no reason to shoot this kid,” Wilsey said. “They killed my son in cold blood. We called for help and they killed my son.”

Both parents said they had to watch their son die in front of them. They said Keith had just turned 18 years old and only weighed about 90 pounds.

Keith’s mother said she could not understand what happened:

“Where is the justice, why did they shoot my son?,” she asked. “This is what’s wrong with our mental health system.”

Keith’s parents said the screwdriver was tiny and the teen wouldn’t have hurt anyone. Neighbors said Keith played with their children and he never was violent. He had a history of depression and schizophrenia, but he was never harmful to others.

His mother said she tried multiple times to get Keith help for his mental illness. Emergency services treated her for a breakdown at the scene.

At least one detective from the Southport Police Department is on paid administrative leave for his involvement in the incident.

This is just another tragic example of a call for help from the people who are supposed to “serve and protect” turning deadly.

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Obama Gives Warning To ISIS, They Listen and Go Underground For Protection

thIslamic State goes Underground after Obama Approves Airstrikes in Syria. Why does Obama continue to give warnings of what our military is going to do, when they’re going to leave, which area(s) we’re going to, etc., etc., etc. It’s always for political gains to America’s un-informed, imbecilic, dimwitted, dozy, supporters, that Obama speaks to in his teleprompter aided drivel, but ISIS and other enemies are also listening; to determine their next move against us. We could’ve taken their command out months ago, but Obama had to make sure they got a proper warning….

9-17-14   Islamic State has gone underground in its Syrian stronghold since President Barack Obama authorized U.S. air strikes on the group in Syria, disappearing from the streets, redeploying weapons and fighters, and cutting down its media exposure.

In the city of Raqqa, 450 km northeast of Damascus, residents say Islamic State has been moving equipment every day since Obama signaled on Sept. 11 that air attacks on its forces could be expanded from Iraq to Syria.

Islamic State activists who typically answer questions on the Internet have been off line since then. Its leaders have not given a direct response to Obama: his speech last week was not mentioned in a video released on Saturday showing the beheading of British hostage David Haines by an Islamic State militant.

As the United States tries to assemble a coalition to fight Islamic State, the jihadist group appears to be trying to leave as much uncertainty as possible about its strategy.

Facing U.S. air strikes in Iraq, Islamic State fighters abandoned heavy weaponry that made them easy targets and tried to blend into civilian areas. In anticipation of similar raids in Syria, the group may already be doing the same.

In Raqqa, the group has evacuated buildings it was using as offices, redeployed its heavy weaponry, and moved fighters’ families out of the city.

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Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 1.15.05 PM9-17-14    The Satanic Temple has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious materials.

Among the materials that are set to be distributed are pamphlets on the philosophy, practice of Satanism, the Satanic Temple’s tenets. Also, the sect tells school children about their legal rights to choose to practice Satanism, according to the official press release.

Earlier this month, the school system made a decision to let any religious and atheist materials be provided in schools.

The Temple said that although it does not agree with the school board’s decision to allow religious materials in schools, it will continue “to ensure that pluralism is respected whenever the Church/State division is breached.”

Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves explains: “We think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.”

“I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and its Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer,” Greaves added.

The Satanic Temple came into the media spotlight after announcing it is going to erect a seven-foot Baphomet statue next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol. It also unveiled plans to build a chapel in Detroit.

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pregnant_woman‘Administration has had years to deal with this problem. They’ve refused’

Greg Corombos 9-17-14   A new government study shows that the vast majority of insurance companies do not itemize abortions on medical bills and charge for them separately, meaning taxpayer dollars are paying for abortions through the Affordable Care Act.

The study by the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, found that 17 of 18 insurers it studied did not itemize elective abortions on the medical bills for Americans enrolled in plans through the health-care reforms, also known as Obamacare.

The report explicitly states it did not review whether federal subsidies were used to pay for the abortions, but pro-life activists say there’s no other conclusion to reach.

“Absolutely, taxpayers are funding abortions,” said former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., who is now vice president for government affairs at the Susan B. Anthony List. The group is dedicated to electing pro-life women to public office.

“This report is very damning,” she said. “It shows that when the president said there wouldn’t be abortion coverage in this, that taxpayers wouldn’t be funding it, that wasn’t true.”

The Associated Press reports that in response to the GAO findings, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement saying it “acknowledges that additional clarification may be needed” on the law.

Musgrave said clarity has been elusive on this part of the law from the very beginning.

“This is the administration that said, ‘We’re going to be the most transparent administration in history,’” she said. “Here we are now. People, whether they’re pro-life or pro-abortion, can’t figure out if abortion on demand is included in their coverage.”

Taxpayer funding of abortion has been hotly debated ever since the Supreme Court’s 1973 decisions legalizing abortion. In the late 1970s, then-Illinois Rep. Henry Hyde successfully pushed for a change in federal law to ban taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions. It soon became known simply as the Hyde Rule.

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Obama Declines to Attend Memorial Dedication for Disabled Veterans

Barack Obama prepares for Speech, White House, Washington D.C., America - 10 Sep 2014President’s decision not to attend is among first in recent history

Adam Kredo 9-17-14   President Barack Obama has declined to attend a dedication ceremony in October for a new memorial honoring American veterans who have been disabled fighting for their country in wars, according to sources close to the event.

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial (AVDLM), the first such memorial of its kind, is set to be dedicated during a ceremony on Oct. 5 near the National Mall in downtown Washington, D.C.

However, Obama, who was first invited to attend the event in January, will not be among those in attendance, according to a source who is familiar with the situation. This would be among the first national memorials in recent history not to be formally accepted in person by a sitting U.S. president.

Organizers of the event were caught off guard when informed by the White House of the president’s decision this week and are hoping to receive an explanation from the White House as to why Obama will not be attending the ceremony, according to the source, who is involved with the memorial and was informed of the decision this week.

U.S. presidents have historically been on hand during dedication ceremonies for major memorials in D.C., including the Air Force memorial, the World War II memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, the Korean War memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which Obama attended and spoke at.

The White House declined to comment when asked by the Washington Free Beacon to confirm if Obama would be unavailable to attend the ceremony.

“It’s disappointing that the president is unable to celebrate the dedication of this historic memorial with the heroes that it honors—our nation’s disabled veterans,” said the source.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is currently scheduled to attend the ceremony, as is Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald.

The AVDLM memorial, construction of which recently finished, will honor the millions of disabled U.S. veterans who have fought in wars over the decades, including those with physical and mental injuries.

“The memorial will serve as a constant reminder of the cost of human conflict,” the memorial’s organizers wrote in a recent press release sent to reporters.

The idea for the memorial originated in 1998 and led to the formation of the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation, which first approached Congress to initiate the lengthy authorization process before beginning to raise funds for the memorial.

It now stands completed on a 2.4-acre sight near the National Mall, just south of the U.S. Botanic Garden.

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Islam and the “Killing of Innocents”

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 12.50.58 PM

The Arabic word for peace, is salam and the word (Islam) means submission 

Denis MacEoin 9-17-14   “No religion condones the killing of innocents.” — U.S. President Barack Obama, September 10, 2014.

“Islam is a religion of peace.” — U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, September 13, 2014.

“There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam.” — U.K. Imam Anjem Choudary, CBN News, April 5, 2010.

Regrettably it is impossible to re-interpret the Qur’an in a “moderate” manner. The most famous modern interpretation by Sayyid Qutb (d. 1966), the Muslim Brotherhood ideologue, leads the reader again and again into political territory, where jihad is at the root of action.

If they deviated from the true faith — as we are seeing in the Islamic State today — “backsliders,” like pagans, were to be fought until they either accepted Islam or were killed.

In India alone, between 60 and 80 million Hindus may have been put to death by Muslim armies between the years 1000-1525.

Last week, before the Islamic State beheaded its third Westerner, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that, “ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents.”

Well, not exactly.

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War On Poverty? No, It’s A War On Prosperity

dollar-300x300Bob Livingston 9-17-14   Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” It’s a war that will never be “won” because it is not and was not meant to be.

It’s a $22 trillion boondoggle that currently enslaves 100 million Americans (and over its life enslaved many more), making them essentially wards of the state. It’s destroyed families by undermining self-sufficiency, reducing the work ethic and encouraging out-of-wedlock births while creating an ongoing cycle of dependency. Enslaving Americans was the goal of the statists in the beginning, and it continues unabated.

Why do I say this? Because the statists know that the more dependent we are, the easier we are controlled. Dependency is a natural proclivity of human nature.

The $22 trillion spent on this “war” came from money transferred from producers to create a whole new class of nonproducers, as well as from money printed out of thin air.

The money creators impoverish the people by transferring their wealth to government. When the “money supply” is increased, there is no increase in actual wealth. Just the opposite, new money is negative wealth. It destroys the wealth of the people and/or transfers it to the money creators.

So the producer class is impoverished because the money they earn is worth less, and their savings earn negative interest. The dependent class is further impoverished because the paper money they receive from government buys less and less with every new dollar printed.

Likewise, the word “poverty” in America is typical government doublespeak. When the “War on Poverty” began, about 14 percent of Americans were considered poor. Today, after $22 trillion dollars and 50 years, about 14 percent of Americans are still “poor.” But poor does not mean hungry, homeless and impoverished, as it implies.

Poor today means air conditioning, cable or satellite TV, a home computer, a widescreen television and at least one vehicle. Yet they still get $9,000 or more in government largess — in the form of cash, food, housing and medical care — with incentives to accumulate more.

Like all of government’s “wars,” this one has enriched the banksters and the crony capitalists and impoverished the people. The war on poverty has really been a war on prosperity.

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Muslims Slice off the Breasts of Kidnapped Christian Girls in Syria and Iraq

Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-12.03.19-AMPamela Geller 9-17-14   The unspeakable savagery to those of us left with a soul is too much to bear — but the media yawns, and Obama wrings his hands in frustration that Americans might associate the Islamic state with Islam.

Those of us who warned for years of the growing Islamic global menace — savagery on an incomprehensible scale — were viciously attacked, led by a media hellbent on norming this savagery and vilifying anyone who disagreed. And even now, as journalists get their heads sawed off with six-inch knives, the media hits bottom and keeps digging.

Here are nuns and a mother superior slamming the media for their refusal to report on these monstrous war crimes — for fear of offending Islam.

“The reason for all this disaster is the Qur’an.” Sister Hatune Dogan


Sometimes it takes a David to defeat a Goliath – or, in this case, unassuming nuns to speak where the media remain silent.  Speaking out for Christians persecuted in the Middle East, Mother Olga Yaqob and Sister Hatune Dogan slammed the American media for keeping silent. The nuns spoke with MRC during the Continue reading

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