quranExpert reveals chief motivator for ISIS, Taliban, al-Qaida, Hamas, Boko Haram

Greg Corombos  8-31-14  Radical Islam expert Brigitte Gabriel says ISIS is capable of anything from shopping-mall shooting sprees to nuclear attacks in the U.S. and believes the best way to ward off calamity is for Americans to wake up their elected officials and demand they “throw political correctness in the garbage can” and confront the radical threat as it truly exists.

She also revealed the one common link motivating the worst terrorists in the world today: the words of the Quran.

Gabriel was a victim of terrorism in her native Lebanon. She is founder and president of ActForAmerica.org and is author of numerous books, including “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She said the danger to the U.S. posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is significant but the threat is nothing new.

“We know that radical Islamists have been trying to attack the United States,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what organization they identify with, whether it’s al-Qaida or ISIS or whatever name du jour that’s exciting and dominating the news. Since President Obama became president, we have arrested on American soil 226 home-grown terrorists. And that was before ISIS.”

She does acknowledge a significant difference with ISIS: the deep pockets of the terrorist army. Gabriel said those kind of resources can finance a whole lot of trouble for the U.S. and other Western nations.

“ISIS has their hands on biological weapons. They have captured the oil fields. They have their hands on nuclear material. And they certainly have the money to be able to buy the technology to put missiles together with nukes on top of them or be able to smuggle something into our country. We cannot afford to let our president, even though he is blind to the issue, to let the issue go ignored,” said Gabriel, who added that ISIS can strike a devastating psychological blow to Americans with far less complicated plots.

“It doesn’t take a mega-attack. All they need is a few crazies to strap bombs to their bodies and walk into malls in different states across the United States. That would literally strike terror in the hearts of Americans,” she said.

The Obama administration and many other public officials and organizations are taking great pains to insist ISIS does not speak for Islam or Continue reading

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Note From Allen West

What The Left  Did To Allen West Is A Shame, But He Might Be Able To Reach Even More People With His Message Now – When Will You Wake Up America?

President Obama and the 113th Congress have some major challenges ahead of them — including facing the facts of our country’s economy.

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Obama’s Purge of America’s Military Has Taken Its Toll

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 9.19.46 PMObama’s Plan To Bring America To It’s Knees Has Been Completed. We Are No Longer The Greatest Military On The Planet. Regardless Of What Our Lapdog Media Tells You, We Can No Longer Defend Our Shores From A Coordinated Attack On Multiple Fronts; Whether It’s Our Electrical Grid, Our Water Supply Or A Stagnant Economy, America Is Now Vulnerable. Read The Following Article And Your Comments Are Welcomed...rc

8-31-14  We are in the gravest of situations. Our military—once the most powerful in the world—is crumbling.

Obama is purging every branch of the US armed forces at an alarming rate.

He’s deliberately crippling our military, setting them up for failure and defeat. Through his actions he is rapidly demoralizing our troops en masse, creating a dangerous situation at home and abroad, leaving our troops, our country and we citizens open to attack.

Our Army has not trained for six months. Meanwhile there is tremendous domestic and foreign unrest taking place. “To have the Chief of Staff of the Army confess to the world that our Army has not trained for six months is highly disturbing,” says former Florida Congressman Allen West. “[It] should make us all sleep less soundly at night.”

Help our troops and our American Patriots everywhere by sending every member of Congress a message that will stop them from this “purge and scourge” of our military.

Since Obama took office an unprecedented number of top military leaders have been removed from their posts—nearly 200 generals, flag officers and other high-ranking officials. They are being “removed” at a rate of about one per week.

Allen West, who served on the House Armed Services Committee, is calling for hearings “to determine exactly why” so many officers, especially senior officers, are being given the boot.

Sadly, it seems the greatest force our military is facing is not that of the foreign enemy but the enemy within—the one in the White House that is actively purging our military. 

One top military official, Ret. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely has been very outspoken on what he calls a “purge” of the U.S. military by the Obama administration – a stunning nine generals and flag officers relieved of duty this year alone.

There have been mass firings, suspensions and dismissals, for which Vallely also blames Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett. With Jarrett’s influence there is rampant “political correctness” which is permeating the military and negatively affecting everyone from top generals to the ranks of the enlisted.

It is frightening to hear what Vallely and others like him have to say. For instance, Vallely maintains that Obama is “intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing the U.S. as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

Now, instead of continuing with military operations as they should, senior officers have been reduced to glorified babysitters, having to watch everything their military personnel say and do.

It’s been described by those with intimate military operations knowledge and experience as the equivalent of “political commissars from the Communist era.”

Military moral has hit an historic low. Add to that the $1.3 trillion that’s been cut from the Pentagon budget. Drastic cuts are resulting in the elimination or slowing of modernization programs, reducing maintenance of worn-out weapons systems and other equipment, diminishing training and cutting back in benefits.

Do you know that the Pentagon ordered commissary privileges at all of the military’s 178 U.S. and 70 foreign bases CUT?

Our combat-ready brigades have been reduced to just… two. Yes, you read that right—just two.

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Is Obama Planning Another 911 Attack on America?

Dr. Jerome Corsi 8-31-14   It’s tempting to believe Obama does not have a strategy to combat ISIS, or to combat anything else, for that matter.

But are we really that naïve?

Obama has always had a strategy and he has not wavered from that strategy since his childhood years when Frank Marshall Davis filled his head with Communist nonsense.

Obama’s plan has always been to reduce the strength, dignity, and glory of the United States of America at home and abroad.

Why?Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 6.08.12 PM

Because he learned from Frank Marshall Davis – as well as a chain of subsequent socialist/communist mentors, including the writings of Franz Fanon, Saul Alinsky, and Cloward/Pivens – the two revolutionary socialists Columbia University allowed to be on the faculty as professors of sociology.

What Obama learned was that the USA is a colonialist, imperialist nation that oppresses minorities at home, rapes populations internationally, and pillages natural resources to preserve an outrageously high lifestyle for those at the top of the capitalist pyramid.

Why don’t we assume that Barack Obama is implementing policies that were always intended to produce the results we see.

Now ISIS is terrorizing Christians with barbarism not seen since the Dark Ages, while radical Islamic terrorism surges across North Africa, and Hamas is firing rockets into Israel.

If anyone thinks Obama did not intend this result, then please address the “Arab Spring,” and the lies Hillary and Obama told that destabilizing Libya by killing Gadhafi and throwing Egypt into chaos by toppling Mubarak was a “democracy movement.”

In June, Continue reading

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This Is What $315 Billion Worth Of Gold Looks Like

Any Welders Out There That Can Tell Me Each Of Those Shelves Can Hold One Ton and Those Legs Can Hold Six Tons

William Wel-Business Insider-12-07-12
Filmmaker Brady Haran and chemist Martyn Poliakoff go inside the vaults of the Bank of England, where $315 billion worth of gold bars currently sit.
Each shelf consists of one ton of gold, which equates to $56 million of gold.
Take a look at the Bank of England’s enormous supply of gold below .



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america-at-night-power-grid-lights-map-600‘It could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week’

8-31-14  ISIS terrorists pose an “imminent” threat to the U.S. electric grid with the capacity to coordinate a devastating assault on our nation’s infrastructure, warned a leading homeland security and terrorism expert in a radio interview Sunday.

Dr. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer, is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both congressional advisory boards. He also served on the Congressional EMP Commission, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, and the House Armed Services Committee.

“There is an imminent threat from ISIS to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city,” said Pry.

Pry was speaking on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s AM 970 The Answer.

Outlining the threat, Pry recalled a leaked U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report divulged this past March that coordinated terrorist attacks on just nine of the nation’s 55,000 electrical power substations could provoke coast-to-coast blackouts for up to 18 months.

Such an attack would mirror the devastating impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack without the need for any nuclear device or delivery system.

The congressional EMP Commission previously estimated that within 12 months of a nationwide blackout, upwards of 90 percent of the U.S. population could possibly die from disease, lack of food and resources and larger societal breakdown.

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Agenda-21, Globalist “Darling” Monsanto Finding a Backdoor into Ukraine and the E.U.

gmo-corn-600x400Dean Garrison 8-31-14   It is being reported that Monsanto might have established a foothold in Ukraine, and thus the European Union, as the result of one of the stipulations to a $17 billion IMF loan.

What should the presence, or non-presence, of Monsanto have to do with whether or not Ukraine gets a loan? And why would the International Monetary Fund, which is supposed to represent 188 nations, care about promoting an American company?

There is a big clue here for those of you who have been paying attention. This is not the first time that Monsanto has been shoved down someone’s throat, and it will not be the last. You might remember that recently the United States put pressure on El Salvador to buy Monsanto’s seeds:

As one of the preconditions to authorizing close to $300 million in aid, the United States is pressuring El Salvador to purchase genetically modified seeds  from Monsanto instead of non-GM seeds from local farmers.

According to Sustainable Pulse, a website covering developments related to genetically modified organisms and sustainable agriculture, the US will reportedly withhold $277 million in aid through the Millennium Challenge Compact if El Salvador refuses to purchase GM seeds from the biotech company Monsanto.

We will give you more money if you agree to poison your population. Does that not sound like Agenda 21 to you?

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History Repeats As Another US President Ignores Multiple and Credible Terrorist Attack Warnings

911_wtc_photoDave Hodges 8-31-14  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ISIS, nor any other foreign terrorist group poses no specific threat to the United States in the immediate future. The FBIin a report released on August 13, 2014echoed the same sentiment despite the fact that last year’s Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting were both carried out by radical Muslim extremists.fbi-terror-report-455x600

The British Are Telling a Different Story

Despite the fact that the American intelligence agencies believe there are no foreign
terror threats to the United States, the BBC is reporting that the UK, operating off of the same intelligence information as the DHS and the FBI, has led British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to state that the UK government raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe”.

Judicial Watch Warns of Imminent ISIS Terrorist Attack in the US

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, is stating that his organization has credible information which strongly suggests that the terror group ISIS is planning to launch terrorist attacks in the United States. Specifically, Judicial Watch sources have issued a dire warning that ISIS, is now confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, located across the Mexican from El Paso, TX. The Judicial Watch warning states that a planned ISIS attack on the southern border of the United States is imminent and will include the use of car bombs and IED’s.

The Texas Department of Safety Issues Warning of an Imminent ISIS Terror Attack

FOX News is reporting that according to a law enforcement bulletin issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, stated that social media chatter indicates that ISIS is very “aware” of the porous U.S.-Mexico border and are “expressing an interest” in crossing into the United states and carrying terrorist attacks inside of the United States.

Saudi King Warns of ISIS Attack Directed Against Europe and the US

Saudi King Abdullah specifically warned  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about a planned ISIS attack upon the United States and Europe.

“If neglected, I am certain that after a month they (ISIS) will  reach Europe and, after another month, America”.

Recently Fired DIA Chief Speaks Out Against Obama’s Flawed Terrorist Policies

dia-general-michael-flynnRecently fired Defense Intelligence chief, General Michael Flynn.

Recently fired Defense Intelligence chief, General Michael Flynn, has paid for outspokenness against the Obama’s administration impotent and nearly non-existent strategy to deal with terrorist attack threats upon the United States. And another General, serving under Obama, bites the dust.

An Ex-CIA Operative Warns of An Imminent Terrorist Threat in the U.S.

Earlier this summer I interviewed former CIA operative, Dr. Jim Garrow, about a planned attack upon multiple shopping malls inside of the United States which will be similar in  scope to what happened in Nairobi. In fact, Dr. Garrow stated that Nairobi was merely the beta test for what’s coming to shopping malls inside the United States, except for what is going to happen here, will dwarf the Nairobi event.

Since Dr. Garrow’s first revelation about the coming series of terrorist actions, more information is coming to light regarding the operation. The end game is martial law with, as we have suspected, the UN in charge. The facts surrounding the Garrow revelation speaks to the fact that Russian and Chinese soldiers will likely be used in any martial law scenario. Below, is the link to the one hour Dr. Jim Garrow interview. The following linked interview, with Dr. Garrow, commences 6 minutes into the recording listed here: Listen to Hour 2

Dr. Garrow is my guest this evening on my talk show at 9pm Central.


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Cop Runs Over a Man While Texting and Driving, His Own Police Department Finds no Wrongdoing

napster-exec-killed-by-texting-cop-2-600x341Cassius Methyl 8-31-14  Even the corporate media today recognizes how police have the ability to kill or hurt people with impunity under the guise of an accident. Since Ferguson, mainstream media has completely lost the ability to play dumb to this.

An article from Yahoo.com’s headline reads “Police Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Napster Exec While Texting And Driving, Because it’s Apparently Okay For Police to Do That”.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Andrew Wood ran over Milton Olin Jr. in his patrol car, killing him in the process of typing a message into his computer in Calabasas, California in December of 2013.

Apparently the deceased man played a vital role working for Napster.

Recently, with his own corrupt department in charge of making the decision to prosecute him or not, the officer was let off the hook. This is the opposite of checks and balances.

The fellow officers said because cops are expected to respond quickly to messages, that it is completely fine that Andrew Wood swerved into the bicycle lane and killed an innocent person. The DA and the police department had contradicting statements, as the DA said Andrew swerved into the bike lane, and the department said the deceased swerved into the lane for cars.

This is what the LA District Attorney had to say:Police_Officer_Will_Not_Be-2e7422417bc2d905aa8f479208816ade

Here is  a petition to prosecute Andrew Wood.

Please share this with as many people as possible. These headlines will not cease until police can no longer murder with impunity. No one should be able to do that.

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8-31-14  At a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York Friday, President Obama attributed people’s pervasive sense the world is falling apart to “social media.”

“The world’s always been messy… we’re just noticing now in part because of social media,” Obama said.

“I can see why a lot of folks are troubled,” he said. But American military superiority has never been greater, he added, according to a pool report.

Obama has faced withering criticism for taking a lengthy vacation that included nine rounds of golf, while terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) has been on the march in Iraq, an Ebola crisis is spreading in Africa, and Russia is making increasingly aggressive moves against Ukraine.

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,” Obama said. He said this is a time of extraordinary changes around the world. He cited several hotspots, saying, “We’ve seen the barbarity of an organization like ISIL.”

The Middle East is challenging, “but it’s been challenging for quite a while,” Obama said, adding that this challenge was not comparable to the Cold War.

Laura J Alcorn, National Director


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8-31-14  Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated/Hamas-linked activists like CAIR who strong-armed the FBI into purging anti-(Islamic) terrorism training materials considered ‘offensive’ to Muslims, have made their next wave of demands, which include an overhaul in the way ALL law enforcement officers are trained in the US.Screenshot20110916at10_28_35AM-viThere must also be an audit of all federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering training and educational materials to identify and remove information that could exhibit bias against Muslim terrorists. Judicial Watch The coalition of influential and Muslim Brotherhood-connected Muslim rights groups are demanding that the Obama administration implement a mandatory retraining program for all federal, state and local law enforcement officials who may have been subjected to materials they deem “biased and discriminatory” against Muslims. CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION OUR MEDIA REFUSES TO WARN AMERICAN ABOUT….

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Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 3.41.55 PMThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has denied that planned rule changes which will mandate cars be fitted with “vehicle to vehicle communications” technology will be used to spy on drivers as part of government data collection. Yeah, I really believe everything our government tells me.


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U.P. ranch saves orphan bears, one cub at a time

one lone person made a complaint about the operation and the Feds shut it down, Now they’ll have to jump through hoops and taxpayers money to re-establish. We need to start pushing these people back now.

bildeJohn Carlisle  8-31-14   Once there were three little bears who lived Up North.

They’d been orphaned one by one when their mothers got killed by cars or loggers or guns. Normally, the cubs might’ve been shopped to zoos. If that didn’t work, they’d likely be put down.

But there was a ranch in the Upper Peninsula that took bears like them, and its owner said he’d adopt the cubs.

People in the area found out about these fuzzy new neighbors and started coming by to see them. There were so many visitors, in fact, that Dean Oswald, the man behind Oswald’s Bear Ranch, opened his doors to the public, letting them wander the trails and watch the older bears in their natural habitat.

And he let people pet the bear cubs, hold them in their laps like babies, feed them out of their hands and take photos with them.

One day, a visitor didn’t like what she saw and complained, which brought out someone from a federal agency, which told the ranch to stop. There’s a law, they said, against people being too close to bears.

That ended the snuggling.

“We did it for 25 years and never had a problem,” Dean said. “We used to let people hold on to them, let the bears hang on to them and suckle on their neck and ears. And suddenly we got shut down.”

But the crowds who couldn’t get in to see the cubs anymore weren’t happy. They shot off letters and made phone calls to elected officials. And before long, the issue was adopted by a state senator, taken to committee, discussed in the Legislature, publicly debated by supporters and opponents, and eventually brought to the governor’s desk.

All this over a few little bears.

‘They’re my babies’

Dean is a gruff ex-Marine, a longtime boxer, an old-time hockey player and a career firefighter. His face is chiseled by age, topped by a gray crew cut and accented with a nose that’s been broken 17 times in the boxing ring. He speaks in four-word sentences. His voice sounds like it’s filtered through gravel.

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NATO planning ‘rapid-deployment force’ of 10,000 troops to counter Russia

NATO-600x3998-31-14  NATO is reportedly working towards the creation of an expeditionary force composed of 10,000 troops from seven different member states as a result of escalating tensions with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the Financial Times, the force’s creation will be spearheaded by Britain and involve contributions from Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands. Canada is also interested in joining the group, but it’s not known what its final decision will be.

Although no formal announcement has been made, British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to declare its formation at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales on September 4th.

Many specifics have yet to be worked out or announced, but planners are reportedly implementing ways to increase the number of soldiers involved even more if necessary. Air and naval units will be integrated into the group, as well as ground troops led by British commanders.

As noted by the Times, the creation of the force comes as a response to Russia’s involvement in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, with the ultimate goal being to “create a fully functioning, division-sized force for rapid deployment and regular, frequent exercises.” NATO has accused Russia of deploying more than 1,000 troops into Ukraine to bolster separatists in the eastern part of the country.

Russia, however, insists that it does not have troops operating inside of Ukraine and has dismissed NATO’s assertions.

Despite the fact that NATO has opted not to act militarily in Ukraine – unnamed sources told Foreign Policy on Friday that there are no plans to confront Russia with anything more than stronger sanctions – Jonathan Eyal of the London-based Royal United Services Institute said the group needs to demonstrate that its eastern European members are just as integral to the alliance as other states.

“We need to end the idea of different zones of security in Europe,” he told the Financial Times“We need to be talking about prepositioning, regular rotation of troops and making it very clear that we do not accept that the eastern Europeans are in some different category of membership of NATO.”

The revelation also arrives just a few days after NATO’s Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed interest in forming “a more visible presence” in Eastern Europe in the form of facilities capable of rapidly receiving “response forces” needed to counter Russia.

For his part, Russia’s envoy to NATO, Aleksandr Grushko, said any attempt to stretch further into the region would impact Moscow’s own security planning.

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He’s Not A Politician, Lawmaker Or Administrator. He’s A Man (Or Woman) With A Badge Who Doesn’t Work For The Feds. Should Washington Enforce Gun Control, This Enforcement Officer Could Be On Your Side And On The Scene In A Matter Of Minutes …SHERIFFS CALLED OUT TO FIGHT THE LAW……Local Officers Predicted To Be Key To Preventing Gun Confiscation

Michael Carl WND 1-1-13                                                                                          A high-profile former sheriff who once sued the U.S. government over its gun regulations – and won – says it is the local sheriff who will have to defend Americans Continue reading

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Canadian convert to Islam: Christians must convert or “face the sword”     Where did he get this idea? Was any effort made by the Muslims in Canada who converted him to Islam to explain to him that Islam was a Religion of Peace and Tolerance? Or did they themselves give him this understanding of Islam? Authorities ought to be investigating these questions, but they probably aren’t, as  read more

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists loot and vandalize Catholic parish      Remember: Christians in the West are not to speak of such things. To do so would harm the “dialogue”: “Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have attained in our inter-religious dialogue with devout Muslims.” — Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop  read more

National Post advises: Convert to Islam to avoid being murdered by jihadis     Kathy Shaidle’s comment on this appalling piece is excellent: “I would die before I would repeat those words under any circumstances. And yes, there is a ‘peaceful verse for every violent one.’ However, Muslims use abrogation to decide which verses are more authoritative. The later violent (‘sword’) verses cancel out the earlier, peaceful ones. ‘The  read more

Turkish ex-mufti on Muhammad: “So many people can’t live properly because of him”     Turan Dursun was “a former mufti and imam and an open critic of Islam who fought for a freer ‎and more humane world despite pressures from the state, the public, and even his own ‎father, whose dream was to see him become a devoted cleric.” He lived in Turkey. He was, as was tragically predictable,  read more

Prof: To end appeal of Islamic State to Muslims, Europe must embrace Islam    Jocelyne Cesari is “senior research fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, and director of the Islam in the West Program at Harvard University.” In this piece she epitomizes what is wrong with academic discourse about Islam today: she doesn’t even mention the blazingly obvious reason for “the  read more

Feds warn of imminent jihad terror attack on US/Mexican border    A jihad attack? On the border? Why, those feds are racist Islamophobes! I thought those bigots had all been purged from law enforcement and intelligence agencies! “Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border,” Judicial Watch, August 29, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller): Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of   read more

David Wood: Obama’s Escape from Planet Reality     Riotous. Watch it all.  read more

Robert Spencer at Catholic Answers: Answering a Muslim Apologist     Over at Catholic Answers I clear away another set of detours, diversions and deceptions: Catholic apologists keep very busy clearing up common misconceptions about the Faith: explaining how the Church’s teaching, practice, and history are misunderstood—or willfully misrepresented—by its opponents. Islam, too, has its apologists. They also claim that many critiques of the Muslim religion  read more

France: Two teen Muslimas arrested for jihad suicide bomb plot at synagogue     They’re misunderstanding Islam early and often in Europe these days, and the new and noxious legitimization of anti-Semitism (in the guise of opposition to Israel) has given rise to mass murder plots of this kind. And there will be more. “Two Teenage Girls Arrested Over French Synagogue Suicide Bomb Plot,” by Madeline Grant, Newsweek, August   read more

Islamic State beheading women and children after stripping them naked      This piece was written by a Hindu human rights activist who has seen the devastation of jihad in India. Warning: extremely graphic images at the link. “ISIS beheading children and women (after stripping naked) -parallels Hindu Story,” Satya Blog, August 26, 2014: From the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to  read more

Islamic State makes over $2 million daily in oil sales     That pays for a lot of knives, guns and bombs. We all know that what they do has nothing to do with Islam, but it looks as if these misunderstanders of Islam are going to be around for awhile. “ISIS makes more than $2 million daily in oil sales,” Al Arabiya, August 28, 2014: Militants  read more

Audio: Robert Spencer on KNUS Denver’s Peter Boyles show on the Islamic State    Thursday morning.   read more

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UnknownThe Ultimate Sacrifice

Read: 1 John 3:16-23

By this we know love, because [Jesus] laid down His life for us. —1 John 3:16

Bible in a Year: Psalms 132-134; 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Jennifer Benson Schuldt   When Deng Jinjie saw people struggling in the water of the Sunshui River in the Hunan province of China, he didn’t just walk by. In an act of heroism, he jumped into the water and helped save four members of a family. Unfortunately, the family left the area while he was still in the water. Sadly, Jinjie, exhausted from his rescue efforts, was overwhelmed and swept away by the river current and drowned.

When we were drowning in our sin, Jesus Christ gave His life to come to our aid. We were the ones He came to rescue. He came down from heaven above and pulled us to safety. He did this by taking the punishment for all of our wrongdoing as He died on the cross (1 Peter 2:24) and 3 days later was resurrected. The Bible says, “By this we know love, because [Jesus] laid down His life for us” (1 John 3:16). Jesus’ sacrificial love for us now inspires us to show genuine love “in deed and in truth” (v.18) to others with whom we have relationships.

If we overlook Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, we’ll fail to see and experience His love. Today, consider the connection between His sacrifice and His love for you. He has come for your rescue.

Rescued: By Jesus’ love; Rescued: For life above; Rescued: To serve my King; Rescued: My praise to bring. —Verway 

Jesus laid down His life to show His love for us.

Insight: John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (John 13:23; 20:2; 21:7) and to whom Jesus entrusted the care of His mother, Mary (19:26-27), was well qualified to write about love. In 1 John 2, he described the quality and authenticity of the love expected of the children of God. Here in 1 John 3, he pointed to the death of Christ and directed us to Him as our standard of Christian love (v.16). True Christian love is sacrificial action and selfless generosity displayed both in speech and in actions (vv.16-18).

You can make a difference. Even the smallest donation helps reach people around the world with the life-changing wisdom of the Bible. Donate

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Islamic State (ISIS) advances into Lebanon – captures nine soldiers, beheads one

8-30-14  ISIS allegedly threatened in a new video Friday to slaughter nine Lebanese soldiers it is holding within three days unless the government acted to release Islamist detainees held in Roumieh prison.  

Gateway Pundit  The group posted a  video showing nine other soldiers begging for their lives, urging their families to take to the streets in the next three days to demand the release of Islamist prisoners as a condition to escape al-Sayyed’s fate.  I

In the footage, posted on YouTube Friday night, one of the nine soldiers called on their families to block roads and exert pressure on the government to release the Islamist detainees from Roumieh within three days because they faced the threat of slaughter at the hands of IS militants. “I urge my people to take to the streets to pressure the Lebanese government or else we will be slaughtered,” Hussein Mahmoud Ammar, a soldier from the Akkar village of Fnaydeq, said in the video. “If they don’t take to the streets, we will be slaughtered within three days.”Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 9.03.55 PM

Continue reading

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Returning Jihadis Worry Free World

Armed police officers patrol outside The Goring hotel in LondonHundreds of Returning Jihadis Spark a Terror Alert After Police, MI5 Thwart Attack on London

2-16-14  Hundreds of jihadis have returned from fighting in Syria, sparking a terror alert in Britain.

Senior security officials have said that around 250 British based ‘extremist tourists’ have returned home, and are now suspected of wanting to carry out attacks here.

The figure is five times higher than previously thought and includes several ‘veterans’ who have fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

MI5 and police have already intercepted an alleged serious plot by jihadis returning from the war torn region last Autumn.

They were said to be planning a Mumbai-style gun attack on civilians in a crowded place, possibly London.

The returnees are now being Continue reading

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Dr. Eowyn 4-2-14   On Jan. 16, 2014, Kevin Mclaughlin, a white male, entered a Dollar General on Highway 22 in Orrville, Alabama, and began shouting and waving his gun in the air.

Other customers and delivery men were inside the store at the time of the incident. Several customers making their way into the store saw McLaughlin waving a gun and ran away. One of them was Orrville resident Deforest James, who said he exited the building shortly after Mclaughlin waved the pistol and told customers not to move. “He said he was looking for three bad mother—-ers and then I ran out and I busted out through the back door.”

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman said the gunman “escorted a customer who was trying to leave the store and a cashier toward a break room. The cashier went in first and the customer went in behind her.”

McLaughlin had the gun on the customer, but it turns out “the customer” had a pistol concealed in a holster. When “the customer” got to the door, he pulled out his concealed weapon, turned around and shot McLaughlin once in the chest.

McLaughlin was pronounced dead at the scene. The tense ordeal played out in less than five minutes, police said.

Sheriff Huffman said “the customer” Marlo Ellis, 37, used his own weapon in the incident, for which he has a concealed carrier permit, and that the incident appeared to be a case of self-defense and Ellis was not charged for the shooting.

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