th122Hillary Clinton And The Obama Administration’s Coddling Of Boko Haram. There is no doubt that Nigeria’s Boko Haram (which charmingly means “Western education is sinful”) is a vicious terrorist organization. It is currently the center of an international melodrama as US and British military contingents have joined the hunt for some 230 Christian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram with the intent of marrying them to Islamic terrorists. Yet, in what is looking like yet another major accomplishment for Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Josh Rogin at The Daily Beast is reporting that Boko Haram was never listed as a terrorist organization until after John Kerry became Secretary of State:

Don’t forget that Boko Haram targets boys as well as girls. Picture the following scene, if you will, horrible though it is. A group of young schoolboys are asleep in their dormitory when the doors are quietly locked and the building set alight. Most are burned alive, while those who manage to escape have their throats slit by the Islamic extremists waiting outside. What’s more, it’s the third such attack in eight months.

5 Things the Media and Government Won’t Tell You About Boko Haram

Why was Hillary Clinton’s State Department so notoriously slow to recognize a terrorist group?

1. Their leader has said: “The reason why I will kill you is you are infidels.”

Colonel Ibrahim al-Senussi Akila was shot to death in his car, in downtown Benghazi. He was hit three times, at close range in the head, neck, and chest, the Hindustan Times reported.

Tennessee Deputies Arrested Student for Video Recording; Choking Photos Go Viral

unnamedHomework for grown-ups. There will be a test. It’s called elections and your scores may determine the future of our country. Share with your intelligent friends who might care.

Louisville Mayor Discourages Concealed Carry As Gang Mobs Attack & Terrorize Families

American influence in culture, science and education around the world took a high-profile blow Friday when the U.S. automatically lost voting rights at UNESCO by missing a deadline to repay its debt to the world’s cultural agency.  The U.S. hasn’t paid its dues to the Paris-based U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in three years in protest to the decision by world governments to make Palestine a UNESCO member in 2011. Israel suspended its dues at the same time in support of the U.S. and also lost voting rights on Friday.

A relic from the Cold War appears to have triggered a software glitch at a major air traffic control center in California Wednesday that led to delays and cancellations of hundreds of flights across the country, sources familiar with the incident told NBC News.   On Wednesday at about 2 p.m., according to sources, a U-2 spy plane, the same type of aircraft that flew high-altitude spy missions over Russia 50 years ago, passed through the airspace monitored by the L.A. Air Route Traffic Control Center in Palmdale, Calif. The L.A. Center handles landings and departures at the region’s major airports, including Los Angeles International (LAX), San Diego and Las Vegas.




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