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The veracity of the claim by Abdallah Dhual-Bajadin, who was identified by U.S. officials as a weapons expert for al Qaeda, could not be determined. However, U.S. officials have not dismissed the terrorist’s assertion.

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ISRAEL’S NEWEST ENEMY: Obama administration publishes details of TOP SECRET Israeli missile base…  [I ask if his DOJ will begin an investigation, ala James Rosen, on this dangerous leak of information]



Joseph Curl, Drudge Report editor and columnist at the Washington Times, tweeted today that low-level IRS employees are fed up with being blamed for the agency’s abuse of Tea Party, conservative, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and Jewish groups. And they’re thinking of getting even.



“I would call the disclosure of our donor lists by the IRS a felony,” charged John Eastman, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, in Washington, D.C., in emotionally charged testimony Tuesday before the House Ways and Means Committee .

Eastman testified that the organization’s IRS Form 990 tax return, which lists its donors, was published on the website of the Human Rights Campaign, a “gay-rights” advocacy group.




The Treasury Inspector General who uncovered the improper targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service said Monday he was stunned by what his investigation uncovered.

Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), said the targeting at the IRS his probe discovered was “unprecedented,” and the closest comparison that came to mind was the targeting of political enemies by the administration of Richard Nixon.

“During the Nixon administration, there were attempts to use the Internal Revenue Services in manners that might be comparable in terms of misusing it. I’m not saying the actions taken here are comparable,” he told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “This is unprecedented.”



“This dialogue is about the jackboot of tyranny upon the field of our founding documents,” said Karen Kenny from the San Fernando [Calif.] Valley Patriots.

Among the questions her group was asked, Kenny said, was her “personal favorite … which in relation to protests asked for a listing of our ‘committed violations of local ordinances, breaches of public order or arrests’ then requested details on how we ‘conduct or promote’ illegal activities. I think the IRS needs to fix its labeling machine: We’re the San Fernando Valley Patriots, not Occupy Oakland.”



ForAmerica Chairman L. Brent Bozell III today sent a letter to Congressional appropriators calling on them to defund the office within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is charged with enforcing provisions of Obamacare. Bozell also calls for scrutiny into the role played by the IRS’s employees union in the targeting and potential coordination with the White House.



CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, was founded by individuals with deep ties to radical Islamic organizations. CAIR often has speakers at its events who openly call for violence against American and/or U.S. troops. For example, Cleric Zaid Shakir once spoke at a CAIR event and said

“Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people,” … 

“If you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that’s something else.”

Which makes it quite peculiar that while the IRS was going out of its way to keep conservative groups from being able to prosper as organizations, they were approving the re-instatement of tax-exempt status for CAIR.




Armed Internal Revenue Service agents need more thorough firearms training and they need to be more consistent in reporting accidental firings of their guns, said the tax-collecting agency’s watchdog on Tuesday.

In the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, special agents carry guns for executing search warrants and arresting suspects. They are the only federal agents who can investigate potential criminal tax code violations.



Eric Holder may be becoming a liability to the Democrat Party, and the New York Times is joining the Huffington Post and some other prominent progressive pubs in seeking his removal from the office of Attorney General.




Richard Windsor may be the most famous Environmental Protection Agency employee. Oddly, he does not exist. “Windsor” is the e-mail alias that Lisa Jackson, former head of the EPA and now an environmental adviser to Apple, used to correspond with environmental activists and senior Obama-administration officials, among others.

Windsor, we have learned, was also an employee of significant achievement. Documents released by the agency in response to a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that, for three years, the EPA certified Windsor as a “scholar of ethical behavior.” [He even won an award!]{%2210200736066315727%22%3A111291655747788}&action_type_map={%2210200736066315727%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]



The FBI has censored and modified hundreds of pages of materials to satisfy Muslim critics, including a change that was made because an agency “expert” insisted the Quran “is the revealed word of God.” The details come from Judicial Watch, which obtained documentation of the hundreds of pages of FBI memos, training documents and other paperwork that the agency purged on the demands of Muslims



Michigan is poised to became the second state to “pause” implementation of the Common Core State Standards for math and language arts education Tuesday after the state Senate approved a budget barring funding for the guidelines.



Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) doesn’t believe the Gang of Eight immigration bill – which he authored — has enough votes to break a possible filibuster on the Senate floor.

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The padlocks to hatches of an aqueduct outside of Boston that supplies drinking water to the metropolitan area were found cut Monday, leading to local concerns after there was a trespassing incident last month as well. Officials say the drinking water does not appear to have been tampered with.

In mid-May seven people were found trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown prompting an investigation by state police as well. In a statement at the time, MWRA assured locals that its real-time monitoring system would detect any abnormalities in water quality immediately. Still, as an extra precaution water samples were analyzed for safety and found to be normal. [Do you suppose that motion-detector video camera could be used before there is a mass poisoning of Boston’s water supply?  Or would that be too anti-Muslim?]





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