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Pentagon DELETES files about Osama bin Laden raid after transferring them to CIA where they can’t be made public  ———————

A majority of Hispanic voters think legal status to illegal immigrants should be granted only after a goal of stopping 90 percent of future illegal immigration has been acheived, according to a new survey by GOP pollster John McLaughlin.

By a margin of 60 percent to 34 percent, registered Hispanic voters said they supported granting legal status to illegal immigrants “only when the 90% goal is reached.” Hispanic adults backed the proposal by a nearly identical margin — 60 percent to 32 percent.—————

“I‘ve never liked the idea of security vs. privacy, because no one feels more secure in a surveillance state,” Schneier, author of “Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Insecure World,” told NBC. “There’s plenty of examples of security that doesn’t infringe on privacy. They are all around. Door locks. Fences … Firewalls. People are forgetting that quite a lot of security doesn’t affect privacy.

“The real dichotomy is liberty vs. control,” Schneier added.

Furthermore, it’s not even clear if dragnet domestic surveillance is any good at fighting terrorism.

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House Speaker John Boehner is sticking to his position: The House will not vote on the Senate-passed immigration bill.

“I’ve made it clear and I’ll make it clear again, the House does not intend to take up the Senate bill,” Boehner said Monday. “The House is going to do its own job in developing an immigration bill.”————-

Congressional committees are holding up a plan to send U.S. weapons to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants, five U.S. national security sources said…

Although initially the House committee voiced greater opposition than its Senate counterpart, after further consideration the Senate panel became concerned enough about the plan to write a letter to the administration raising questions about it, two of the sources said.————–

The 49th state to join the Union has become the second to successfully traverse the perilous waters of nullification. In a sweeping reform, the state of Alaska has deemed that rights of the citizenry guaranteed under the state and national constitutions will no longer be ignored or side-stepped by an over-zealous federal government.————–

Another day, another slipup by the Internal Revenue Service.

The incident involves the unwitting exposure of “tens of thousands” of Social Security numbers, according to a recent audit by the independent transparency and public-domain group The identifying numbers were on the Internet for less than 24 hours after being discovered, but the damage was done. And unfortunately, the data-breach concerns some of the most sensitive types of transactions: Those made by nonprofit political groups known as 527s.  [Are you really ready to give up your health information to this government?]—————-

St. Vincent Health said late Friday afternoon that it has made cuts that will reduce its labor costs by 5 percent—a move that will eliminate about 865 jobs in the state.

The reductions are meant to save money as Obamacare and Congressional budget cuts promise to take a bite out of hospital reimbursement rates.——————–




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