Operation American Spring Update 4

Unknown-21-20-14  Hello Patriots: We start week five of our preparation leading to an historic event in the life of the United States of America. A situation not greatly removed from conditions experienced by our Founding Fathers…America is being threatened, attacked, abused, betrayed and nearly captured by enemies of freedom, liberty, a nation under God.  There can be no greater calling under God than to rise up, put boots on the ground, in defense of our nation, our liberty, our freedom, and all these rights secured for our children, granchildren and beyond.

This evening , the opportunity is presented to us for me to be a guest on Fox News this evening at 6:15 EST, on the Alan Colmes Talk Show, probably not friendly. This is the first time we have had an opportunity share our mission to the progressive nation…our focus is for all America and I’m excited to be reaching out to liberals, progressives, and anyone else that values their freedom and liberty. Prayer for clarity in my remarks is petitioned.  You can listen at:   http://radio.foxnews.com/category/talk/alan-colmes-talk-radio/ 

STATE GROUPS  Several members of State Groups are asking for someone to lead in their States.  First, I would say, if you view a leadership void in your State, then you can be the leader.  We have no time to seek, plead, vote on who takes action. If you have voiced or need State leadership, then you are it.  Send me your name at hmriley@cox.net or to David at carolinacamocreations@gmail.com and we’ll make you an Administrator of your State Group so you can move out and get your State organized and moving.  States must be the “seed” across America to increase the ever expanding circle of information regarding Operation American Spring.  “If they don’t hear, the won’t come”,  If they hear, they will come…………..This is critical, we cannot assume an attitude of “let someone else do it”  That has happened for five years now and you see where we are….near destruction of our nation.

FB is experiencing some problems right now……it is being worked on…..we have expected interruptions, challenges to our mission…there will be more.  We’re working on a alternate web site in anticipation that our NING site will be overwhelmed with the numbers as we build our patriot nation to action.  The new site will be up and running soon, in parallel with our present NING site. Continue your Twitter posts as often as you can.

New PFA Tabs  Please view the top of our home page for new tabs.  Some of them are now on a third line in “light blue”…we have run out space, thus must tolerate the light blue………much information that you need, and to pass to your contacts……….

Time is Critical  Use your local sources to spread the word….letters to editors, local talk shows, churches, Vet Organizations, use the flyers located on the OAS Flyers tab at the top of the PFA page.

I’m honored to be part of a noble, honorable cause that millions of Americans are waiting and praying for….


Harry Riley, Operation American Spring

Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network      Visit Patriotsbillboard For Back Materials Regarding Operation American Spring:  http://patriotsbillboard.org/?s=operation+american+spring&submit=Search  




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