Rand Pauls Summer Vacation vs Barack Obama’s

We’ve Heard All About Obama’s Vacations, But Not Much About KY Senator Rand Paul’s Summer Break. He and a Partner Teamed up to Do Pro Bono Eye Surgeries for the Poor. People Who Came to the Surgery Center “Legally Blind or Much Worse” Were All Seeing Before They Left.

Isn’t It Interesting What The Media Considers Newsworthy? Wonder Why The Media Isn’t Interested In That? Guess It Doesn’t Fit The Image They Try To Create For Conservatives.

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2 thoughts on “Rand Pauls Summer Vacation vs Barack Obama’s

  1. Geeze Kevin, get a clue. The Tea Party fights for you and all Americans that aren’t affected with The Walking Dead disease of liberalism. All they care about id their stuff and the Hussein totalitarianism that will get it for them.

  2. RAND, im 55 an disabled I had big plans an I developed a bad degenerative arthritis condition scoliosis etc. I think you want to take my social security an medicare then I would be out in the streets I dont like the teaparty I like your dad too but you convince mei wont lose my retirement I will vote for you that was really nice you doing that free medical treatment I wont disgrace you in my tweets anymore for that
    Sincerely, Kevin☆

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