UN Agenda 21 (ICLEI) Explained in This Video

Great Sales Job Done On Ill Informed Local Politicians With Great Sounding Names.
If Not Opposed This Will Allow UN To Usurp American’s Right To Bear Arms, Own Private Property. This Is UN’s Pathway To Their One World Government. Please Do Watch This Video………




10 thoughts on “UN Agenda 21 (ICLEI) Explained in This Video

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  2. if any nation or people take our rights or our constitution , its because the amrican people have become a bunch of pussies and cowards, the people have the right to overthrow this american government if they try to take the peoples rights away , the constitution is to protect us from any dictating government or any foreign body that tries to invade america , the constitution was written for this reason , to preserve the right of americans to stay a free people. americans have the right to arrest and try any judge , lawyer prosecutor ,politician or congressmen if they disrespect or disregard the constitution , it is for this reason the constitution said the people have a right to for a well regulated citizens militia to defend the constitution [define well regulated militia , its any armed citizen military citizen group of people], because the constitution is a living breathing document that was created and birthed by the our founders to preserve the united states of america. and our freedoms and our way of life.

  3. Shocking, but should not be a surprise. We all need to fight this and resist this with all our might. Saying this, however, in the end, we must realize this is right on track with what is in Bible Prophecy regarding the end of days and the coming “Day of The Lord” . To bring about this time, The Bible tells us of increased lawlessness leading to a one world government, (1 supreme ruler, the antichrist over 10 kingdoms) 1 religion and 1 monetary system. (Jeremiah, Daniel, Gospels, Revelation) . Believers in Christ Jesus, who are saved by accepting Jesus as their Savior, should be viewing all this with great excitement and anticipation awaiting our redemption and going home to where our true homes are. Non-Believers, on the other hand, need to be scared out of their minds because these events are only going to get worse and after Believers are taken home to be with Christ in the soon coming Rapture, the Tribulation will begin which will be the worst time in all of human history. Please if you are not saved, repent and call on Jesus Christ to be your savior. JOHN 3:16

  4. It’s the muslim terrorists fault they say for all this ,since when did every christian man women and child become the terrorists then!!!!!

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  6. When will the people of America truly wake up?

    Please read The Shadow Party & None Dare Call It Treason.

    Pass this clip on.

    May the Lord Help us.

  7. This whole Agenda 21 is a strategy to take control of personal property and the private rights of American Citizens as well as that of people in other countries. It is not anything that a sensible American would ever want to have to be subject to. The UN should not ever have a say as to what we as Americans or citizens of other countries have a right to do. Don’t be taken in by this power grab.

    • The problem is it’s not being sold under the name “Agenda 21,” but other touchy, feely, names that would naturally sound good to anybody.
      They usually include some things that when first viewed would make most local politicals (and that’s where they’re very active) who usually are part time politicians with other jobs/businesses that take much of their time.
      When they see an opportunity to get something for nothing, they jump at it. They forget the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it itsn’t.” rc

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